Daily Report

Daily Report

The Fascinating Humpback Whale Barnacle

Breaching on the horizon first captured our attention as we moved towards two pods communicating The Language of the Whales™

Whales off Rotto

The whales off Rotto were enjoying magical conditions today with warm sunshine, calm seas and water so clear we could

Perth Humpbacks Visit Rottnest Island for Quokka Selfie

The Perth Humpbacks visited Rottnest Island today to take a Quokka Selfie while cruising southbound to Antarctica. The blue waters

Humpback Whale Watch

The Humpback whale watch season is always different and we learn new things each season and watch each migration with

Launching into September Humpbacks

The juvenile whales are launching into the September Humpbacks season with the first front of the southern migration tending to

Southern Humpback Whale Migration WA

The Southern Humpback Whale Migration WA is sighted every year without fail as the largest population of Humpback Whales known

Humpbacks of Western Australia

The Humpbacks of Western Australia are certainly a social group who love to spend time relaxing and enjoying the Western

Whale Watch Fremantle

A wonderful morning with Humpback Whales in the "departure lounge" of Whale Watch Fremantle. The southern Humpback migration starts to

Southern Right & Minke Whale Watching Perth

There are never two days the same when whale watching and little did we know of the surprises that were