Daily Report

Daily Report

Western Australian Whale Watching

Western Australian Whale Watching is always full of surprises and today was no exception as we sighted competition pods, Sunny

Humpback Calf in Flinders Bay

Our Humpback Calf in Flinders Bay, little Sunny Flynn was re-sighted today much to everyones delight onboard! We had not

Augusta Humpback Whales

The morning began with high energy as a competition pod of 9 raced with high speeds and big changes of

Why Do Humpbacks Have Scarring?

The daily tours we enjoy with our whales provides the opportunity to meet many different individual whales and one question

See the Wonders with Whale Watch WA

One of the many wonders of Western Australia are our whales who we are privileged to spend incredible moments with

Southern Heart of the Southern Ocean

Today we met the Southern Heart of the Southern Ocean as a young juvenile Southern Right Whale stopped us in

The Landing Place – Augusta

The vessel Emily Taylor arrived in Flinders Bay on the 2nd of May 1830 and as we looked out across

Humpbacks Enjoy Summer in July

The Humpbacks enjoyed Summer in July as we sighted numerous competition pods throughout both our morning and afternoon experience in

Humpbacks Take Centre Stage in Augusta

The Humpbacks take centre stage in Augusta today as we started our morning with an enormous competition pod who started