Daily Report

Daily Report

Perth Canyon Blue Whales

The Perth Canyon was shining once again on yet another magnificent day and Australasian Gannets escorted us towards the continental

Perth Blue Whales

Our journey began as we passed Rottnest Island and we could see the undeniable movements of Humpback Whales... they have

Australian Blue Whales

The Perth Canyon in Western Australia was overflowing with Australian Blue Whales today, we interacted with 13 individuals and had

Blue Whale Season Begins

The Blue Whale season began today as we departed Fremantle for our first experience for Blue Whale season 2018 with

Hundreds of Pilot Whales in Bremer Canyon

Our first encounter was heartwarming as we sighted the small blows and distinctive movements of Pilot Whales moving through the

Bremer Bay Pilot Whales

The smooth movement of a sharks dorsal caught our attention as it broke the surface. A young Hammerhead Shark was

Whale Watch Destination WA

You never know what you will find when you whale watch in the Bremer Canyon. Our morning began with beautiful

Orca (Killer Whale) Gold in Bremer Canyon

We always knew the Bremer Canyon was a special place, we even found gold at the end of the rainbow

Bremer Bay Orca (Killer Whale)

There was a stampede on the horizon in the Bremer Canyon today as we arrived on a beautiful morning after