Daily Report

Daily Report

Mums Playgroup

We had three mums and three calves all together for a big playgroup this morning and a few other pods off in the distance watching in on all the activity. Female Humpbacks will often encourage interactions with other mother/calf pods as this is a great opportunity for the little ones to learn and practice their Humpback behaviours. It was so much fun to watch the calves peduncle slap and tail slap towards each other for a while before practicing some twisting and turning, trying to get a good handle on that elusive balance!


We also sighted the calves pec slapping today and learning to be polite Humpbacks thanks to their ever watchful mothers who seemed very relaxed to sit back and watch the calves have some fun. Although that didn’t stop the mums from joining in every now and again to demonstrate what a lot of practice results in… perfect balance and control

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