Blessing Of The Fleet 2017

Today started with a very big surprise as a larger than life mother and calf Southern Right Whale greeted us on the lawns of the Augusta Boat Harbour… it was the Blessing of the Fleet 2017. Celebrating the beginning of the Whale Watching season it was a picture perfect winters day and the sun was shining bright, perfect for whale watching! Many Humpbacks were sighted on the morning and afternoon tour with a bachelor pod in the afternoon surprising us all with three big spy hops to have a good look around them.

With so many whales currently moving through the bay it is already a very busy start to the season and we are very much looking forward to seeing what will be discovered over the next three months in beautiful Augusta! Pods of Common Dolphins also interacted with the whales for a brief encounter today before checking us out onboard, always interested in what is going on around them.

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