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Fremantle’s Mother Humpback Knows Best

We journeyed out on yet another beautiful day in Western Australia and it wasn’t long until the local Bottlenose Dolphins came over for a quick hello amongst their busy foraging. Shortly after we sighted the distinctive blow of two mother and calf Humpback Whales who were relaxing in the calm environment and one of the females raced over to meet us! She arrived with perfect timing, just as four Navy vessels and a pilot vessel approached the area and this mother Humpback knew that we were the perfect cover for here to hide under and she decided to stay with us.

Eventually the navy vessels moved past and further out towards another large cargo ship where they continued their morning drills and it was a wonderful sight to see… it even caught the attention of the young calf who surfaced as they went past so he could get a good look! The little calf then must have had a big feed as only moments after we gently turned to leave guess who did two full breaches? The cheeky little calf of course!

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