Hamelin Bay Whale Watching

The whales of Western Australia can often be sighted during their migration along the coastline and only 13 minutes away from Hamelin Bay is the picturesque township of Augusta who is proudly host to these beautiful visitors every year. Today was a fantastic example of how important the sheltered and predominately offshore conditions during the winter time allow the visiting Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales to rest, play and nurture their young safely in Flinders Bay. Our morning began with the company of two adult humpbacks including a beautiful big white bellied individual who were racing towards the abalone farm. Arriving at a speedy pace they stopped in their tracks and moved closer towards our vessel until they were right alongside us investigating. Reaching the abalone farm they seemed content to stop and rest amongst the lines and floats which act as a type of shark/orca deterrent and provide further reactionary distance when whales are resting.

Two mother Southern Right Whales enjoying a play date this morning as the two calves (including cheeky Stacka) twisted and rolled together. Approaching slowly and very respectfully, Stacka’s mum taught good whale manners as little Stacka learnt how to approach another pod carefully. He seemed rather excited to show off to his new friend with tail slapping, a little spy hop and balancing upside down practiced manners times to impress his new friend. We also watched as Stacka tried to mimic his mum by rolling onto his back with belly facing the sky and both pectoral fins slightly bobbing above the surface. Every moment is an opportuniy for young calves to learn from their mums. Sunny Flynn and mum were also sighted causing through the bay in search of a suitable resting place and our local Bottlenose Dolphins approached again this morning for a quick catchup. Augusta is a perfect place to see the whales during the winter time and is only a 13 minute drive from Hamelin Bay so if you are interested in Hamelin Bay whale watching you will be delighted to spend some time in Flinders Bay!

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    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Joanne, Unless the Whale rolls and we can see the under belly near the tail end (females have 1 small lump and mammary glands) it is difficult to be positive, however once you learn the Language of the Whales their actions in communicating with those (predation,vessel’s,other Whales) in their vicinity it is usually quite clear as to their sex. You will also note that the scarring from competition pods is generally a lot more pronounced on males as they do the competing, compared to females.
      Thankyou for your interest in the Western Australian Whales

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