Hunting in the Bremer Canyon

Happy Australia Day! Today we were hunting in the Bremer Canyon with the Orca as they worked hard to find a nice meal to enjoy with the family, after a large storm front moving through a few days ago their food source would have been seeking shelter in the depths of the canyon so the Orca were needing to keep busy today in search of their next meal. El Notcho, Cookie, Oreo and Swirl were busily hunting in the Bremer Canyon as they pushed themselves to great depths (800-1,000 meters) underneath us to investigate and forage. The family were very focused and continued to return back to a meeting point after each stint of foraging to regroup and prepare for the next plan of attack. The early afternoon had them surging west as the family took off in the same direction with great speed. Covering a large distance in a small amount of time it wasn’t long before they arrived at their intended destination. They went straight back to work and we wished them well for a successful end to a day filled with hard work to secure their next meal. The Australian Sea Lions were enjoying their usual siesta and all was perfectly fine until the local White Bellied Sea Eagle flew over Glasse Island, off they went with every available Crested Tern in the air and chasing after the eagle, he was outnumbered on this encounter!

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2 thoughts on “Hunting in the Bremer Canyon”

  1. Susan Holtmeulen

    Ash and I joined Leanne and the crew on Whale Watch WA for Australia Day and from the get go I was super impressed with the personal service from all the staff. After stormy weather the Orcas were busy hunting and did not interact. I really valued the fact that we did not interfere with the
    Orca group dynamic in an effort to interact with them. This gives me confidence in the integrity of the crew and the protection of these stunning wild creatures. Keep up the good work and fabulous service!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Susan
      Thankyou for taking the time to leave us a wonderful review. It is extremely important that we WATCH Orca behaviour and not INFLUENCE their behaviour by any herding or running too close to them. They are the stars and respect is paramount to all of our Western Australian Cetaceans.
      Hope to have you back out there soon.
      Kind Regards

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