Southern Ocean Orca

Our day with the Southern Ocean Orca was an extraordinary one as we enjoyed beautiful weather and two familiar pods of Orca, El Notcho’s pod and B-Slice’s pod were both travelling together. Arriving in the Patch we were greeted by B-Slice and his family who surged past our port side in an incredibly quick change of energy. Oil slicks had been on the surface and now the family began a steady movement west as a couple of blows on our stern were sighted and the tall dorsal fin of El Notcho appeared as he closely followed along with the family. A very interesting day as B-Slice and pod were being followed by El Notcho who was leading very closely behind them, perhaps a female is coming into season and El Notcho was trying to make a good impression! This behaviour continued for over 90 minutes as we enjoyed the company of both pods until eventually El Notcho reverted back to forming a foraging line and a quick change of direction had them moving back to the east. Suddenly, EL Notcho surged and the whole family took off as white water was sent flying in a spectacular sight as all 30+ Orca from both pods began to travel with speed and focus for a couple of nautical mile. A fascinating day with the Southern Ocean Orca and a wonderful opportunity to observe interactions between two of our favourite pods.

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3 thoughts on “Southern Ocean Orca”

  1. Janeen and Robert Foster

    Rob and I had the most wonderful day out in the beautiful Southern Ocean watching two groups of magnificent Orcas. After visiting Bremer Bay a year ago and finding out about the Orcas visiting the Bremer Canyon we both decided we just had to return to Bremer during Orca time and go out to see them. We were not disappointed at all, the whole experience will be a lifelong amazing memory. Thank you to your amazing staff, very informative and attentive, could not have asked for more. I would have been happy to see 1 Orca in the wild but you gave me a whole day of so many Orcas I just about had whiplash watching them all.
    Thank you so much❤

    1. Hi Janeen
      Thankyou for your kind comments, the crew work very hard to look after our guests and the Orca’s are certainly a gift that we can all share and enjoy.
      Look forward to having you back onboard soon.
      Kind Regards
      Whale Watch WA

  2. Brian & Mary Burdekin

    Magnificent day, a very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable crew. The mother was so informative and comfortable as if they were her own relatives.
    Well done to everyone.

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