Killer Whale Surge in the Bremer Canyon

Joining the Pod we were part of the Killer Whale surge this morning as Queen and her family took off at full speed towards the rest of their pod who had just made a fresh kill of squid and the energy levels were high! Surging to the south we were surrounded by porpoising Orca as they charged towards a cloud of birds and exhalations just up ahead where the kill had been made. Queen raced in and took hold of the main meal, sharing it around with her family members and we watched on in amazement to observe wild Orca feeding under our feet, what a privilege. The calves including Stormy were loving every minute of the feast and her older sibling took a large chunk of squid and carried it around while Stormy tried to take it from his mouth. The Albatross and Shearwaters were running to get out of the way as these playful young Orca enjoyed their meal. Queen continued to show off her meal to us as she approached our bow and we could see the bright white/red flesh of delicious Bremer Canyon squid being devoured by each of the family members. Killer Whale surge is something powerful to witness and the end result for these Orca was a filling meal, after the last two days of this family pod working hard and covering a lot of ground (40+ nautical mile) it was wonderful to watch them go into a resting mode as everyone was content and ready for an afternoon siesta, a peacefulness in the canyon had arrived.

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4 thoughts on “Killer Whale Surge in the Bremer Canyon”

  1. Excellent day yesterday love the pictures you took an’d the ones of my hat always wondered what it looked like from the back have been collecting those feathers for long time Peter Thornley

  2. Brian and Robin Levet

    Thank you, you gave us a very special experience, largely due to your organisation skills, they were most professional in every respect. We were particularly impressed in the way that you read the situation at the Canyon on arrival, which appeared to be in sharp contrast to the other boat out there at the time, who clearly seemed to lack your environmental respect, a point even obvious to a complete outsiders. A very memorable day, that we have been talking about ever since.

    1. Thank you very much Brian and Robin for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated and we are so pleased to hear you had a wonderful time! The energy levels are vitally important when working with any wildlife, we must respect them and their environment at all times and we appreciate your capacity to observe and understand this 🙂

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