Orca and Pilot Whale Surge

Arriving in the canyon we were greeted by B-Slice launching into the sky and soon after landing approaching us with a big chunk of squid in his mouth! Joining the pod it wasn’t long before El Notcho’s pod, B-Slice’s pod and Queen’s pod began to surge west with a cheeky Maleko following from behind. It was interesting to watch as Maleko tried to approach Asha and a few other females from B-Slice’s pod, similar behaviour to what was noticed with El Notcho about a week ago which has us wondering, is there someone letting the boys know she is looking for a mate. Once the surge began though all social ideas were put on hold as everyone took off at speed and covered some ground. Up ahead even more white water was sighted and as we got closer Pilot Whales could be seen leading the surge, a very special Orca and Pilot Whale double surge! A magnificent morning with beautiful conditions as we moved west with over 100+ cetaceans all surging at once. The Orca were the first to slow and regroup and it wasn’t long before we could see why… they were being followed by another large group of Pilot Whales moving with confidence. Orca have been known to show avoidance tactics towards Pilot Whales and today they joined forces with the three family pods and outside rider Maleko all joining together and moving back towards the direction of the Pilot Whales. Completing another beautiful day in the Bremer Canyon we met an enormous Sunfish who was enjoying the warmth today and lovely conditions while a juvenile Hammerhead Shark greeted us just moments after leaving the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour, a busy day of activity out in the Bremer Canyon.

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4 thoughts on “Orca and Pilot Whale Surge”

  1. Grant and glen Dorrington / peter and noelene Denton

    Congrats to everyone involved in today’s whale watch journey to the orcas . A terrific life long experience being so close to these wonderful creatures in their home . The quality of the boat , the extremely friendly Capt and crew who looked after us so well made it a day to remember .
    Thank you for providing us with an experience we will share ( by mouth) with our families and friends. The quality of professional customer care and service was exceptional . Please thank everyone on the whale watch team ..

  2. Peter and Noelene Denton

    We had the most amazing day watching these supreme animals under a perfect blue sky and the deep blue water of the Bremer Rim.
    This family run business is extremely professional, from the moment the boat leaves the harbour to returning safely, we were provided with expert commentary, all day food and drink and a caring crew who looked after each and every person on board, especially those who were feeling unwell from motion sickness.
    The highly experienced skipper focused on providing a memorable day out in this unique part of WA. His and the family’s attention to detail and safety was impeccable. Highly recommended.

    1. Thank you so much Peter & Noelene, a pleasure to have you onboard and thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, they mean a lot to us and we appreciate them greatly 🙂

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