Humpback Whale Curiosity

Humpback Whale curiosity is fascinating to observe and today we met a few Humpbacks who decided we looked rather interesting and came over for a closer look! A fun morning was had as we welcomed guests and the wonderful Augusta Lions Club onboard for some enjoyable time in Flinders Bay. A very curious Humpback surfaced to our port and began to swim directly towards us. At first it appeared he may be interested in the escort pod just to our right who were cruising along. Watching carefully to see if this whale was using our sound footprint for a sneaky approach, we were rather surprised to hear a loud exhalation right next to us! Instead of approaching the other pod, he stayed with us and swam around and behind our stern with great interest. The powerful exhalation rumbled past and it was amazing to witness a large, healthy adult Humpback completely focused on the vessel and everyone looking back at him.

Shortly after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour the swift movement of 15+ Bottlenose Dolphins caught our attention and two Humpbacks surfaced right in and amongst the mix. The curious energy of the Bottlenose Dolphins and relaxed nature of these two Humpback Whales was a perfect mix as both cetacean species enjoyed some afternoon Sunday social time! They gently swam together and approached us to investigate further with the Bottlenose leading the way. Humpback Whale curiosity often draws them closer towards vessels to investigate and if they feel safe and you are accepted into their pod it is an incredible experience. We wished them a peaceful afternoon and had a further look around Flinders Bay as escort pods kept busy on the migration mode and beautiful Common Dolphins danced alongside us for a while enjoying some bow riding exercise.

The Wonderful Augusta Lions Club♥️🦁
The Wonderful Augusta Lions Club♥️🦁

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