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Day: January 21, 2020

Southern Ocean Orca

Southern Ocean Orca were busy today as we enjoyed the company of four family pods as they spent the day …

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Research of the Bremer Bay Orca

Research of the Bremer Bay Orca continues everyday as we learn more about the population and their daily activities. Today …

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Cetacean Extravaganza

Cetacean extravaganza it was today as Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Orca gathered in The Patch for a brilliant spectacle …

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Bremer Bay Wildlife Adventure.

Bremer Bay Wildlife Adventure

Bremer Bay Wildlife Adventure today as we met Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Striped Dolphins, Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Sea Lions, …

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Bremer Bay Orca Research Continues

Bremer Bay Orca Research continues as we enjoyed another wonderful day observing and documenting the Orca as they worked together …

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New Bremer Bay Orca Identified

New Bremer Bay Orca identified, introducing Ferrari who made a memorable impression today as the youngster decided to take a …

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Visiting The Bremer Canyons

Visiting the Bremer Canyons in mirror like conditions today as we enjoyed the peaceful surrounds and company of relaxed Orca …

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Orca Wardrobe Malfunction

Orca wardrobe malfunction was witnessed today as were saw more than we expected from a young male Orca known as …

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Great Southern Killer Whales

Great Southern Killer Whales erupted in enormous breaching just ahead of us upon our arrival in The Patch as we …

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Bremer Bay Orca carries the skull of a Beaked Whale.

Trophy of an Orca Hunt

Trophy of an Orca hunt is the skull of the Beaked Whale for the Bremer Bay Orca which is carried …

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Bremer Bay Orca calf swimming past a Go Pro.

Australian Orca Populations

Australian Orca populations include the Bremer Bay Orca and today we had a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the company of …

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Bremer Bay Blue Whale.

Bremer Bay Blue Whale

Bremer Bay Blue Whale sighting today was a once in a lifetime moment for Pod Members onboard as time with …

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Orca chasing Bremer Bay.

Orca Chase

Orca chase was on today as we found ourselves being chased down by cheeky calf Samurai before catching up with …

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New Orca calf Willow sighted for the first time today in the Bremer Canyon

New Bremer Bay Orca Calf

New Bremer Bay Orca calf Willow was sighted today along with Orca calf Warnie as Hermes showed us how healthy …

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Killer Whales Of Bremer Bay surfacing together

Killer Whales of Bremer Bay

Killer Whales of Bremer Bay gather every season as the specialist Giant Squid and Beaked Whale hunters gather with other …

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