Trophic Cascade of the Bremer Bay Orca

Trophic Cascade of the Bremer Bay Orca was in perfect display today as we observed many species and the affect each had on each other and the importance of the apex predator, Orca. 

A trophic level is used to describe a species and their place in the food chain, from the tiniest of creatures in Trophic Level 1 right up to apex predators in Trophic Level 5. Every creature has their role in the ecosystem that they occupy and many creatures are heavily dependant on the success of Orca to ensure the success of their own kind. Should there be a detrimental affect to any of the Trophic Levels either natural or by human interference, the Trophic Cascade will be altered.

Observing and not influencing behaviour when cetacean watching is vital to ensure the continued success of the Trophic Cascade. Likewise today we witnessed other supposed professional whale watching crews harass and chase down Orca in this very sensitive environment. When outside influences come into any environment an element of respect for the cetacean is not only expected but demanded and as the harassment continued we departed the area slowly only to have El Notcho’s pod, whom was the target of the harassment, follow us at a very gentle pace and sought out the calm energy of our vessel as we departed east together and acted as part of the family pod.

Once the departure of the other vessels was achieved, the Orca relaxed and continued fishing around us collecting numerous kills of smaller squid and showing their prize to us as oil slicks gathered on the waters surface along with arguing Shearwaters and Black-Browed Albatross’s.

There should always be respect to the Orca first and foremost as at all times, we are still an influence through sound and this uneducated type of chasing instead of observing will influence future whale watching operators that come into the area, this type of behaviour will be detrimental to what we believe is one of the true wonders of the marine world and a powerful Trophic Cascade.

It is a privilege to do what we do on a daily basis, we hope others take note and show the respect these wonderful animals offer thousands of happy Whale Watchers each season. 

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2 thoughts on “Trophic Cascade of the Bremer Bay Orca”

  1. We had an amazing experience and really appreciated the efforts of all the crew, it was an amazing day and looks like you guys are having a cracking season. My daughter is keen to do the humpbacks in Dunsborough and noticed you may possibly also see southern right and maybe Blue whales in the region. What would be the best month to increase chances of spotting these other whales?

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Peter

      Thankyou for your comments. We offer our Pod Partner Jet Adventures to see the Humpbacks and Southern Rights in Dunsborough. The Blue Whales do migrate past the Capes however sightings are very irregular and not guaranteed as they are in migration mode and migrating very fast (10-15klm/hr) and their surface time maybe 1-4 breaths miles apart between each surfacing. We get the same in Perth for the Humpback Southern Migration. If you want to see Blue Whales, we offer a 100% sighting guarantee in the Perth Canyon, we are the only company in Australia that offers this premium tour and you get to witness the Blue Whales as they are feeding and not in a solid migration mode, though they are on their way to Indonesia for calving, they spend some time feeding at the ‘Krill Cafe’ in the Perth Canyon.
      We look forward to having you onboard.
      Kind Regards

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