Daily Report

Daily Report

Augusta Whale Watch Season 2017

Today marks the last day of winter and after three amazing months in beautiful Augusta, Western Australia we are now saying goodbye after another wonderful year of whale watching in Flinders Bay! This season in Augusta brought many surprises and spectacular moments tha…

Last Day in Flinders Bay

A wonderfully calm day to enjoy our last tour in Flinders Bay for Season 2017☀️ Colourpatch and his mum Irwin were also enjoying the beautiful conditions and were having a long sleep in the morning sunshine. You can learn more about how whales sleep here and the behavi…

Southern Right Whales Season 2017

We had plenty of fun in the sun today as we met our local mother and calf Southern Right Whales once again and they were all looking very well! Little Colourpatch and Irwin were in their usual spot along the coast and today Colourpatch lifted his very big tail fluke ri…

Southern Right Whales Augusta

A magnificent afternoon in Augusta and we were not the only ones enjoying the sunshine! Our mother and calf pods were relaxing in the warmth while the two adult Southern Right Whales seemed to have all the time in the world as they came over to say hello and check out…

Flinders Bay Southern Rights

Southern Right Whales Irwin and her calf Colourpatch were sighted this morning and we are amazed every time we see her calf, he is growing so big! Looking closely at his unique white marking I wonder if you can see the crocodile jaws hidden there? That is why we decide…

Augusta Southern Rights

We had the special opportunity today to be amongst six Southern Right Whales who were all around us and enjoying the magnificent calm conditions. Two mother and calf pods and a pod of two adult whales kept us busy watching as they seemed to enjoy each others company. L…

Southern Rights in Flinders Bay

August is definitely the month of the Southern Right Whale! A celebration of new babies being born and getting to spend time with one of the most remarkable and charismatic characters in the whale world

Smiling Southern Right Whale

Have you ever met a whale that made you smile back at them? A beautiful young female Southern Right Whale certainly did as she spy hoped close to our vessel and it very much looked like she was smiling at us and in return we smiled back

Tail Slapping Practice

Many people would be enjoying a Sunday morning sleep in but not Colour Patch! Deciding it was the perfect time to practice his tail slapping we watched as he carefully balanced his flukes above the surface before allowing them to fall which created a wonderful splash…..

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