Daily Report

Daily Report

Mum…. ‘Look At Me!’

Anyone who has young Children in their lives may be aware of the term mum.. mum.. mum.. mum.. look at me! Exactly our thoughts today as this young calf decided to breach only a few meters away from our bow and almost land directly on top of her mum

Head Lunge Perfection

A wonderful Friday morning that had us all excited to see who we could meet today! Mothers and their calves were everywhere we looked and many of these pods had a male escort with them which resulted in a lot of spectacular surface behaviour as the numerous pods began…

Escort Pods Allround

Today was a very fun day with many escort pods sighted which always adds a different energy to the environment. The first mother and calf sighted today had only recently had a male Humpback approach them and try to interact with the female, but she was having none of i…

New Head Office

What do you think of Whale Watch Western Australia’s new head office… it is the shiny black one to the left with ocean views! This big Humpback had pectoral fins that would have been 4-5 meters in length and while pec slapping away you could forgive us for mista..

Uncle Bob

Who will you find not too far away from the Busselton Jetty? Uncle Bob of course! This young male Southern Right was so excited to have someone who he could show off his handsome looks too and we were certainly feeling very loved today by Bob☺️ Tail and pec slapping, p…

Pectoral Slapping

Pectoral fin slapping which is also known as pec slapping may look like our whales are waving at us but there are many hidden messages in this form of non-verbal whale communication. Pectoral slapping is one of the many favourite surface behaviours to watch amongst wha…