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Are Humpback Whales Social?

Are Humpback Whales social? Yes, they most certainly are! Humpback Whales are incredibly social creatures who love to interact with other Humpbacks and even other

Humpback Mum and Calf off Fremantle

A Humpback mum and calf off Fremantle today welcomed us into their little family as they swam around us repeatedly for a close and intimate

Intimate Humpback Whale Interaction

Intimate Humpback Whale interaction on a unique day off the Perth coastline as a gorgeous juvenile Humpback approached us with enthusiasm and curiosity. A rumble

Perth’s Grand Final Whale Watch

Perth’s Grand Final Whale Watch today was a spectacular morning celebrating the whales of Western Australia as the afternoon welcomed one of sports greatest moments

Best Whale Watching in Perth

Best Whale Watching in Perth is often seen between Rottnest Island and the coastline of Perth during the spring as we sight the southern Humpback

The Language Of The Whales

The Language Of The Whales™️ was displayed perfectly today as Humpback Whales communicated towards each other in the pristine waters off Hillarys Boat Harbour. A calm,

Whale Watching Perth, Western Australia

Whale Watching Perth, Western Australia is a fantastic way to meet the Humpback Whales of Western Australia during the spring and today we had social

Hillarys Whales

Hillarys Whales during the early spring is an exciting time to observe adult Humpback Whales on their southbound migration. Today was a picture perfect morning

What is a Whale Tubercle?

What is a whale tubercle? A whale tubercle is the golf ball sized bumps dotted on the upper and lower jaw of each Humpback Whale

Rottnest Island Whales

Rottnest Island Whales during the spring are relaxed, social and often enjoy some time socialising with the local Bottlenose Dolphins. The morning was sunshine and

Hillarys Whale Watching

Hillarys Whale Watching is a wonderful time of the year to meet the Humpback Whales on their journey south and today we were surrounded by

Humpback Calf Sighted Off Perth

Humpback calf sighted off Perth this morning, a very exciting moment as it is our first mother and calf pod for the southbound migration 2021.

Best Month to Go Whale Watching

Best month to go Whale Watching in Perth to see the Humpback Whale migration is September to November. During this time of the year thousands

Fathers Day Whale Watching

Fathers Day Whale Watching on a picture perfect morning off Rottnest Island as we enjoyed our time with a bachelor pod of four males to

Where to See Whales in Perth

Where to see whales in Perth during the spring? Fremantle is a perfect place to see the southern Humpback Whale migration and today we enjoyed