Bremer Bay Striped Dolphin Superpod

Bremer Bay Striped Dolphin Superpod took over the continental shelf today as over 1,000 beautiful Striped Dolphins surged and porpoised their way towards us and

Killer Whales at Play

Killer Whales at play in the waters off Bremer Bay as we arrived to a smiling and playful Madison enjoying her Sunday morning. Our first

Killer Whales in March

Killer Whales in March as the Bremer Bay Orca enjoyed the sunshine today as we enjoyed Swirl’s company as she danced under our feet. Soon

Orca Play with Sunfish

Orca play with Sunfish today as the youngest family members of the pod found a juvenile Sunfish and began to practice hunting tactics. Orca surfaced

Pilot Whales Interrupt Orcas Feeding

Pilot Whales interrupt Orcas feeding as they surged towards them only moments after making a successful kill of squid. A beautiful morning greeted us with

Continental Shelf Killer Whales

Continental shelf Killer Whales were on the hunt today as the entire family foraged along the edges of the shelf and further into the Patch

Close Encounters with Wild Orca

Close encounters with wild Orca is something very special and today we enjoyed the curious interactions as they played just underneath our bow. Only minutes

Orca’s At Sunset

Orca’s at sunset created a special day as beautiful conditions and a special Orca family greeted us in the afternoon and we travelled together until

Killer Whales Mating

Killer Whales mating meters from our bow within minutes of arriving in the Patch today as they hugged belly to belly. Our first indication something

Squid Slicks

Squid slicks greeted us on our arrival in the Patch as a large oil slick and feeding Orca appeared under a cloud of birds. It

Bremer Orcas and Pilot Whales

Bremer Orcas and Pilot Whales took over the Patch today as families gathered to feast and socialise in a very special day off Bremer Bay.

Tourism Minister Joins The Pod

The tourism Minister Joins The Pod as we welcomed the Hon Paul Papalia onboard today to meet the Orca of Bremer Bay. All eyes were

Albany Killer Whales

Albany Killer Whales surged to the west today as we found ourselves on a high powered surge and if we went any further we would

Why Do Killer Whales Spyhop?

Why do Killer Whales spyhop?  There are a number of reasons why Orca spyhop and it is this behaviour which brings their eyes above water

Killer Whales Hunt Beaked Whale

Killer Whales hunt Beaked Whale this morning as hundreds of Shearwaters and Albatross flocked to the large oil slick that had formed on the surface.


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