Whale Acoustics

Whale acoustics are a fascinating look into the world of the whales as today we had the opportunity of not only observing surface activity noise

Curious Humpback Whale Calves

Curious Humpback Whale calves on a superb day in the waters off Fremantle as both our morning and afternoon tours enjoyed the company of these

Why Do Humpback Whales Pec Slap?

Why do Humpback Whales Pec Slap? Pectoral slapping is generally a very friendly or flirty behaviour amongst Humpback Whales and today we had a great

Humpback Mothers and Calves

Humpback Mothers and Calves filled the coastline today just off Fremantle as we enjoyed the experience of two mother and calf pod’s introducing themselves to

Humpback Whale Body Language

Humpback Whale body language is important to observe and today we had a wonderful opportunity to witness a variety of different Humpback Whale body language

Can Humpback Whales Have Twins?

Can Humpback Whales have twins? A female Humpback will spend two years of her life growing, nurturing and raising one precious calf. Due to the

Breaching Whales

Breaching whales on a beautiful morning in the waters just off Fremantle as mother Humpback and her calf worked together and made some noise. It

Franklin’s Humpback Whales

Franklin’s Humpback Whales delighted everyone on board today, very much like our youngest ever guest in the Captain’s Lounge. Today’s post is for young Franklin

Perth City Whale Watching

Perth City Whale Watching to sight the Humpback Whales is best during September through to early December as we sight the southern migration of the

Do Humpbacks Mate For Life?

Do Humpbacks Mate For Life? The short answer is no, Humpback Whales do not mate for life but instead look for a new mate every

Blue Whales in Fremantle

Blue Whales in Fremantle today was a huge surprise so close to the coastline, literally 1 nautical mile from the Swan River entrance to Fremantle

Whale Watching in Fremantle

Whale Watching in Fremantle during spring is the perfect time to witness the southern Humpback Whale migration as today we had a beautiful mother/calf/escort pod

Perth’s Best Whale Watch Experience

Perth’s Best Whale Watch Experience is with Whale Watch Western Australia and today we had a spectacular morning of surface active whales and intimate encounters.