The Unique Bremer Sub-Basin

The Unique Bremer Sub-Basin never ceases to amaze as today we sighted four different cetacean species who are rarely sighted in the waters off Australia,

An Orca Named Blackberry

An Orca named Blackberry lives in the Bremer Canyon and today we were fortunate to spend some time with this magnificent male Orca and his

Orca in The Patch

Orca in The Patch on a wonderful day with Cheryl and her family pod as they spent their morning socialising with us before continuing with

Giant Squid Hunt in Bremer Canyon

Giant Squid hunt in Bremer Canyon on a thrilling day as the enormous twelve meter Giant Squid raced past us on arrival in The Patch

Killer Whales in Western Australia

Killer Whales in Western Australia gather in the largest known aggregation of Orca in the southern hemisphere in the waters off Bremer Bay. Today the

Orca Play with Sunfish

Orca Play with Sunfish on a regular basis in the Bremer Canyons and today two young calves faced each other while belly to belly as

Whale Watch Bremer Bay

Whale Watch Bremer Bay with our family onboard our daily departures to see the incredible Orca only 19 nautical mile (thirty kilometres) from the Bremer

Bremer Bay Pilot Whales

Bremer Bay Pilot Whales greeted us on a picture perfect day in the Bremer Canyon as we enjoyed the company of these beautiful characters. Calm

Bremer Killer Whales Demand Respect

Bremer Killer Whales demand respect and an understanding of their behaviour to ensure that we can build meaningful relationships with family pods. A calm morning

Humpback Survives Killer Whale Attack

Humpback survives Killer Whale attack for the first time ever recorded in the Bremer Canyon. The story of today unfolded shortly after departing the Bremer

Killer Whales Take Down Giant Squid

Killer Whales take down Giant Squid this morning and shortly after the successful hunt over 100 Pilot Whales surged towards them as they tried to

Sperm Whale Rescue

Sperm Whale rescue unfolded in incredible circumstances today as Orca surrounded a male Sperm Whale and pushed him along at the surface as he raced

Bremer Bay Orca Tours

Bremer Bay Orca tours are departing daily onboard Whale Watch Western Australia and today was another exciting journey with the apex predators of our oceans.

Awesome Orca

Awesome Orca on a sensational day as surface activity erupted and a brand new calf was sighted, the newest member of the Bremer Bay awesome

Secret Orca Business

Secret Orca business unfolded today as we moved to the west and found Queen, Noosa and their families hunting squid in secret Orca business mode!