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ANZAC Weekend Blue Whales

ANZAC Weekend Blue Whales on a beautiful autumn morning as we cruised past one of our Australian Navy Submarines on our way to meet the

Blue Whale Season 2022 Begins

Blue Whale Season 2022 begins as a perfect autumn morning greeted us on our journey out to the Perth Canyon. A fantastic day for many

Bremer Orca Season 2022 Finishes

Bremer Orca Season 2022 finishes on a beautiful Autumn day as B-Slice made sure to spend some special time with us before the most beautiful

Bremer Bay Killer Whale Population

The Bremer Bay Killer Whale population is one of the most incredible populations in the world as today we met a new family pod and

Bremer Bay Blue Whale

Bremer Bay Blue Whale was our first sighting today before a cheeky Fur Seal, ecstatic Striped Dolphins, curious Pilot Whales and wonderful Orca completed a

Bremer Orca

Bremer Orca continue to cruise The Patch as today we met up with Queen and Alki who were enjoying the sunshine. Queen came straight over

Eastbound Orca

Eastbound Orca as four different family pods stretched out their Orca net as the hunt for larger baleen whales begins. Noosa came straight over for

Kings of the Canyon

Kings of the Canyon were within the calm before the storm amongst the uniquely beautiful conditions today. Chalky, Hookfin and Blade swam together as their

Howzat Warnie!

Howzat Warnie! A spectacular day with Orca calf Warnie and his family pod who surfed the swell and showed why the Orca are one of

In Loving Memory of Dean

A beautiful autumn morning greeted us as we cruised out to The Patch for another unique and wonderful day as Cheryl and her family pod

Southern Surge Striped Superpod

Southern Surge Striped Superpod on another magnificent day as the Southern Ocean came to life with the electric surging of dolphins great and small. A

Slice of B is Back

Slice of B is back in The Patch as we had the most wonderful greeting from the family pod as they swam directly towards our

Killer Whale Surge

Killer Whale surge with Meeka and her family as they moved with pace and sent white water flying reaching a top speed of 25+ kilometres

Matriarchs in The Patch

Matriarchs in The Patch today as Queen and Kidji returned to the foraging grounds with their families. Moments after arriving in The Patch the call

Cetacean Trifecta

Cetacean Trifecta on a special day as Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales and Orca were sighted as cheeky Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and a slinky Fur Seal