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Wild Orca Experience

Wild Orca Experience in the Southern Ocean amongst one of the worlds most pristine and abundant Orca feeding grounds as today we surged with beautiful

Bremer Canyon Killer Whales

Bremer Canyon Killer Whales can be found in the feeding grounds just off Bremer Bay as matriarchs Cookie and Alki foraged with their families today.

Bremer Bay Orca Calves Play

Bremer Bay Orca calves play in pristine waters throughout our day as the next generation of Queens family pod had us completely besotted. The morning

Southern Ocean Alive with Orca

Southern Ocean Alive with Orca as we were surrounded with surging and breaching Orca within moments of arriving in The Patch. The energy was electric

Why Do Killer Whales Breach?

Why Do Killer Whales Breach? Today the Killer Whales of Bremer Bay were breaching to communicate to their pod members it was playtime! Our morning

Southern Ocean Killer Whales

Southern Ocean Killer Whales live a marvellous life in one of the most pristine and wild environments in the world. Today we enjoyed the company

Orca Surge with Sir Tom

Orca Surge with Sir Tom today as we met one of our favourite Orca named in honour of an extraordinary man. Captain Sir Tom Moore

Stalking Orca

Stalking Orca in The Patch today as Cookie, Queen and Kidji led their family pods on a search for breakfast. It was Cookie and her

Killer Whale Watch

Killer Whale Watch today as we enjoyed the company of curious, playful Orca sharing a fresh meal of squid while socialising in the sunshine. Arriving

Killer Whales Western Australia

Killer Whales Western Australia can be found in the waters off Bremer Bay as the southern hemispheres largest aggregation of Killer Whales. A lovely morning

Join The Pod Meet Samurai

Join The Pod Meet Samurai the youngest member of Queen’s family pod and a pocket rocket of energy! It was a beautiful morning in Bremer

Southern Ocean Wanderers

Southern Ocean Wanderers in The Patch today as the Orca enjoyed a meal after their successful hunt as Wandering Albatross soared. Arriving in the sighting

East Side Orca

East Side Orca on a picture perfect day as the big boys made a move out to Bremer Canyon in search of todays meal. A

Whale Watch Orca Research

Whale Watch Orca Research is happening onboard every tour as we continue to learn more about the incredible Orca and their family pods. Today our

Great Southern Orca

Great Southern Orca of Bremer Bay were ready and waiting for our arrival this morning as just moments after passing over the continental shelf we