Whales Fremantle

The whales off Fremantle were incredible today as for two hours we observed breaching, tail slapping and pec slapping within meters of our vessel in

The Humpback Whale Tail Lob

The Humpback Whale tail lob was on perfect display today as we were surrounded by over twenty whales at varying distances all performing their version

Perth Whale Watching 2020 Continues

Perth Whale Watching 2020 continues as today we met pods of busy Humpback Whales following others southbound, but not before a quick stopover in the

Fremantle Whale Watching

Fremantle Whale Watching in September is a wonderful opportunity to join the largest migration of Humpback Whales in the world and meet some of the

Rottnest Whale Watch Adventure Tour

It was a Rottnest Whale Watch Adventure Tour on a magnificent morning as the local Bottlenose Dolphins joined a pod of six exuberant Humpback Whales

Whale Watching Rottnest Island 2020

Whale Watching Rottnest Island 2020 as we found the whales out the back off Rottnest Island on the Humpback Highway and it was a beautiful

Intimate Whale Watch Off Rottnest

It was an intimate Whale Watch off Rottnest Island on a beautiful spring morning today as we were greeted by two curious Humpback Whales in

Humpback Whales off Perth

Humpback Whales off Perth today as numerous escort pods shuffled along the coastline in search of the perfect place to rest. Our first interaction was

4 Pines Whale Watching

It was a 4 Pines Whale Watching kind of day today in the sunshine of a beautiful Saturday morning. Today one of our lovely guests

Whale of a Tail

A whale of a tail on a beautiful morning as the story of todays experience unfolded. Our first meeting was with a very relaxed pod

Rottnest Island Whale Watching

Rottnest Island Whale Watching on our first whale watch experience for Spring 2020 as we found ourselves surrounded by curious Humpback Whales and an extremely

Whale Watching Perth 2020 Begins

Whale Watching Perth 2020 begins today in the waters just off Fremantle as the Language of the Whales™ flowed and we found ourselves surrounded by

Whale Watch Joins Bachelor Pod

Whale Watch Joins Bachelor Pod today as three enormous, boisterous males socialised with Bottlenose Dolphins, a mysterious Fur Seal and missed out on a female

Whale Watch WA Eco Tour

Whale Watch WA Eco Tour it turned into today as on both tours we enjoyed the company of not only Humpback Whales but wonderful wildlife

Whales and Water Spouts

Whales and water spouts on a special day in Augusta as both incredible sights created special memories. Our morning was beautiful blue skies and sunshine