Chloe’s Bremer Canyon Sunfish

Chloe’s Bremer Canyon Sunfish sighted today was a special surprise and lifelong dream. Our journey to the Bremer Canyon was a pleasant one this morning

Who Controls The Bremer Canyon?

Who controls The Bremer Canyon? The Orca matriarchs do and are in charge of their family, today we had the special opportunity of meeting some

Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales lit up the Southern Ocean today as we watched spectacular surface activity during Orca courtship behaviour. Journeying to the Bremer

Killer Whale Families Bremer Canyon

Killer Whale families Bremer Canyon are a fundamental part of the ecosystem and one of the reasons why Orca are the apex predator of our

Australian Orca on the Hunt

Australian Orca on the hunt unfolded today in the Bremer Canyon as a surge to the west resulted in some spectacular surface activity! Our morning

Watching Orca

Watching Orca is a fascinating opportunity to witness their intelligence and strong family bonds. Today we first met with  Pod B-Slice as the mothers and

Bremer Canyon Orca Families

The Bremer Canyon Orca families were back today as El Notcho and his family pod joined with B-Slice and family as the Bremer Canyon sighted

Orca Surging in the Southern Ocean

Orca Surging in the Southern Ocean on a picture perfect morning in the Bremer Canyon! Arriving in beautiful conditions with warm sunshine all round, we

Killer Whale Watching

Killer Whale Watching unfolded today in the Bremer Canyon as the oceans apex predator successfully hunted a Beaked Whale. Our morning began with scraps of

Bremer Canyon Cafe

The Bremer Canyon Cafe is filling the bellies of the Orca with plenty of food as on our arrival today a strong oil slick shimmered

Orca of Western Australia

The Orca of Western Australia are incredible to spend time with as we witness them hunt, socialise and thrive in the Bremer Canyon. Today it

Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Bremer Bay Killer Whales are feeding in the Bremer Canyon now as Season 2020 gets underway and the largest Orca congregation in the Southern Hemisphere

Orca Hunt in the Bremer Canyon

Orca Hunt in the Bremer Canyon unfolded today as on our arrival dozens of Shearwaters and Albatross circled a distinctive oil slick and within moments

Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2020

Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2020 started today and within moments of arriving at the Patch an unmistakable silhouette appeared ahead, the Orca had arrived! Urkel

Bremer Bay Orca 2020

The Bremer Bay Orca 2020 season is fast approaching and as we countdown the days until our first tour on January 3rd, we wonder what


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