Why Do Orca Dorsal Fins Collapse?

Why do Orca dorsal fins collapse? The perfect design of these apex predators are meant for challenging environments in the marine world where the vast

Bremer Bay Orca Science and Biology

Bremer Bay Orca science and biology is taught onboard every tour with Whale Watch Western Australia and we are very proud to welcome our Marine

Orcinus Orca

Orcinus Orca is the scientific name for the oceans apex predator, the Killer Whale and we were surrounded today with Orca all around. Overcast conditions

Bremer Canyon Beaked Whale Hunt

Bremer Canyon Beaked Whale hunt unfolded today as two family pods worked together and successfully completed a powerful kill within meters of our bow. Arriving

Killer Whale Expeditions

Killer Whale Expeditions in Western Australia are a dream come true for many of our guests and it was another magnificent day as we were

Killer Whale Research

Killer Whale research was a joy today as we welcomed onboard John Totterdell who has been studying the Bremer Bay Orca for decades and is

New Bremer Bay Orca Calves

New Bremer Bay Orca calves were a wonderful surprise today as we met two gorgeous calves and their lovely family pod. It was a beautiful

Killer Whales Live Up to Their Name

The Bremer Bay Killer Whales lived up to their name today after another successful Beaked Whale hunt unfolded in The Patch only 30 kilometres from

Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales on an exhilarating day as we surged to the west before moving out to deeper waters with enormous male Blackberry

Bremer Orca Families

Bremer Orca families were on the hunt today as we spent our day with five different Orca family pods. Our first interaction was with the

Bremer Bay Killer Whales Foraging

Bremer Bay Killer Whales foraging is a wonderful opportunity to witness the coordination, intelligence and focus of these apex predators. Shearwaters and Albatross surrounded us

Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021

Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021 is underway and another exciting day with the Orca was enjoyed as Noosa and her family pod were once again

Beaked Whale Taken by Bremer Bay Orca

Beaked Whale taken by Bremer Bay Orca on the first day of Season 2021. The first tour for Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021 unfolded today

Whale Watch WA Goes National!

After a decade in the making Whale Watch Western Australia has now opened it’s legendary family brand in the eastern States. The first new operation