West Coast Whale Watch

West Coast Whale Watch on a picture perfect day in Augusta as the calm conditions sent the Humpback Whales northbound. The morning started with intensity

First Humpback Calf Sighted 2020

First Humpback calf sighted for season 2020 this morning as a precious calf surfaced alongside mum while the afternoon was a mixture of relaxed whales

Whale Watch Steals The Show!

Whale Watch Steals The Show! The winter school holidays has already been a busy and exhilarating time as over the last few days another surge

West Australian Whales Wrestling

West Australian whales wrestling in Flinders Bay today as exhilarating competition pods kept us busy in the morning and afternoon. Escort pods greeted us first

Whale Watching in WA 2020

Whale Watching in WA 2020 has been a unique experience and it is always a joy to be with the whales. The winter patterns provided

Humpbacks In The Storm

Humpbacks in the storm as beautiful, dramatic weather patterns filtered through Flinders Bay and the whales lifted with the energy that surrounded them. It was

Whale Watching Winter School Holidays

Whale Watching winter school holidays began today with sunshine and whales kick starting what is set to be a fun and educational two weeks ahead.

Augusta Whales Breaching

Augusta Whales breaching and competition pods charging through Flinders Bay made for an exciting day of whale watching. The morning was sunshine and whales as

Whale Watching In July

Whale Watching in July for the first time in 2020 and the Humpback Whales completely filled Flinders Bay as it reached peak hour on the

Tail Sailing Humpback

A tail sailing Humpback in the afternoon sunshine displayed this extraordinary behaviour as the morning had us surrounded by busy whales on the migration pathway

West Australian Whale Watching

West Australian whale watching in winter is a unique opportunity to witness the largest migration of Humpbacks on the planet moving north to their breeding

Southern Right Whales Augusta 2020

Our Southern Right Whales Augusta 2020 seasons first interaction was this afternoon as two enormous adults spent some time with us as the Humpback Whales

Augusta’s Best Whale Watching

Augusta’s best whale watching was live and in action today onboard as we witnessed incredible competition pods charging through Flinders Bay. The morning welcomed a

Juvenile Humpbacks Take Over Augusta

Juvenile Humpbacks take over Augusta in the afternoon sunshine today as breach after breach lit up Flinders Bay. The stormy weather had past and the

Whale WrestleMania

It was Whale WrestleMania today as we watched acrobatic displays in the morning and wrestling, competitive males in the afternoon in Augusta. Our morning began


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