Current Research Onboard

The Fat Whales Project is an exciting opportunity to further our understanding of the migration story of Western Australia’s Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales and Blue Whales. Focusing in on the body condition of these species and how that may affect the timing of their migration can be achieved by the use of drone imagery. During our daily tours you can be part of this research as drone pilot Grace Russell and her team Join The Pod this season to continue their research onboard Whale Watch Western Australia.

UWA Presentation with WA Naturalist’s Club

Thank you to the WA Naturalist’s Club for the opportunity to speak at the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre at the University of Western Australia. A lovely evening discussing the whales of Western Australia and the incredible coastline we have.

Perth Canyon Pilot Whales

Pilot Whales in the Perth Canyon! A very special sighting today of Pilot Whales travelling in the Perth Canyon, a first for our season.

Where is the Perth Canyon?

Journey just 30 nautical miles from Fremantle in Western Australia and you will find yourself in the largest submarine canyon in Australia… the Perth Canyon.

Curt & Micheline Jenner Award 2019

Nominations are now open for the Curt & Micheline Jenner Award for Cetacean Excellence for season 2019. The Curt & Micheline Jenner Award is presented every year to a Whale Watch Western Australia Cetacean Soldier™ for their dedication and excellence in

Orca Mating in The Bremer Canyon

A truely extraordinary day as we witnessed Orca mating in the Bremer Canyon right under our feet! Queen (Split Tip) had the attention of a young male known as Hookfin and was leading him on a journey away from the rest of her family as this amorous male swam…

How Do Killer Whales (Orca) Sleep?

How do Killer Whales (Orca) Sleep? Unlike ourselves they are not able to fall into a deep sleep, unaware of their surroundings and leaving themselves vulnerable to drowning. Orca and many other cetaceans will shut down one half of their brain at a time to rest, while the

Bremer Canyon Orca A380

Elvis is alive! The King of the Bremer Canyon took our breath away as he surfaced alongside our bow this morning as his name could be heard right through the boat as Orca A380 appeared after a non sighting absence of 2 years. Concerns that the King of the Bremer Canyon may have come to the end of his reign..

Henry Canyon Bremer Bay

Magnificent Maleko greeted us today as we journeyed into the Henry Canyon and Maleko burst from the Southern Ocean as he surged west and traveled for over five nautical mile at 20km per hour! The power of Maleko could be felt as he continued to porpoise…

New Bremer Canyon Orca Calf

Stormy is the latest addition to the Whale Watch catalogue as WHALEWATCH01 and we are very excited to watch her grow and thrive, welcome to the world Stormy!

Responsible Whale Watching

Responsible whale watching takes patience and a full understanding of The Language of the Whales™ to understand how we must act when in the company of our whales.

The Cetacean Blowhole | Whale Nostrils

Whale Watch Western Australia has a fascination with whale nostrils and it is what is exhaled from the cetacean blowhole that has us so intrigued.

The Fascinating Humpback Whale Barnacle

Breaching on the horizon captured our attention as we had the opportunity today to learn more about the fascinating story of the Humpback Whale Barnacle.

Dolphins Survive Shark Attack

How do Dolphins survive shark attacks so severe? Their bodies are capable of incredible regeneration, pain management and blood flow control that what may seem like the impossible is possible for our Dolphins.