Current Research Onboard

The Fat Whales Project is an exciting opportunity to further our understanding of the migration story of Western Australia’s Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales and Blue Whales. Focusing in on the body condition of these species and how that may affect the timing of their migration can be achieved by the use of drone imagery. During our daily tours you can be part of this research as drone pilot Grace Russell and her team Join The Pod this season to continue their research onboard Whale Watch Western Australia.

Why Do Humpbacks Have Scarring?

The daily tours we enjoy with our whales provides the opportunity to meet many different individual whales and one question we often ask when spending time with our Humpbacks is, “Why do Humpbacks have scarring?”.

Blue Whale Facts

The Blue Whale is the largest mammal to have ever graced this planet and the best way to protect them is to learn more about them, so lets begin with some Blue Whale Facts!

Why Do Whales Become Stranded?

In certain situations where perfectly healthy whales find themselves stranding we must look further afield than simply matters that happen in their immediate environment.

Bremer Canyon Commonwealth Marine Reserve

The Bremer Canyon is unique and no other submarine canyon in the world is the same. The largest known congregation of Orca in the Southern Hemisphere gathers during the summer months.

Whale Watching in Perth

Learn how to enjoy the company of these migrating mother and calf Humpbacks respectfully.

All Day Whale Watch Nutrition

It is a full day in the Bremer Canyon and our guests nutrition is paramount to keeping up the energies to hunt with the Orca’s of Bremer Canyon. Food & hydration is very important to keep the body and mind focussed not only during the tour but also the days following, this assures our guests receive the best opportunity to enjoy their experience during and post tour.

Whale Watching in Augusta

Whale Watching in Augusta

Learn everything you need to know to plan a perfect whale watch experience in Augusta. See when is the best time to see the whales and learn about their migration through Flinders Bay.

Weather in Bremer Canyon

Weather in Bremer Canyon is an important part of your experience when visiting the Orca of the Bremer Canyon. The Southern Ocean is a beautiful

Pygmy Blue Whale

Hearing the name Pygmy Blue Whale often creates thoughts of a miniature whale that traverses the oceans without ever being seen… but only part of that sentence is true! The Pygmy Blue Whale grows up to 24 meters in length and can weigh 90 tonnes making it clear that…