2018 Southern Humpback Migration Begins

The 2018 southern Humpback migration has begun as the transition of north turns to south as the hungry bellies of juvenile and adult Humpback Whales leads them home. The first to head back south towards the waters of Antarctica are the yearlings, juveniles, young adults and pregnant females who will need to begin feeding very soon to continue their growth or in the case of now expecting females, prepare for their newborn calves arrival in 2019. The local Bottlenose Dolphins said a big hello this morning as beautiful calm conditions were enjoyed after a passing storm front over the last few days. Australasian Gannets and Cormorants were busy feeding as we sighted a blow to the right.

The silhouette of a dorsal fin broke the surface and with much excitement we met one of the first few whales that have begun their southern Humpback migration for season 2018. He seemed very relaxed as he lifted his fluke providing the perfect view of his fingerprint, the unique markings and shape of every tail fluke is special to that individual whale and what we use to identify Humpback Whales. Looking to be in good health and enjoying the wonderfully calm conditions as this young whale prepares for the right moment to continue the southern Humpback migration and slowly make his way back down the coast and arrive in the icy, nutrient rich waters of Antarctica.

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