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In 2023 we have won this award for the second time.

Bremer Bay
Orca Experience

$ 385
  • Dates: Jan - April
  • Species: Orca (Killer Whales)
  • Departs: Bremer Bay
  • Departure Time: 8am
  • Award Winning Tour

Bremer Bay Orca
VIP Experience

$ 595
  • Dates: Jan-April
  • Species: Orca
  • Departs: Bremer Bay
  • Departure Time: 8am
  • 5 Star Luxury

Bremer Bay Orca
ex Albany

$ 385
  • Dates: Jan-April
  • Species: Orca (Killer Whales)
  • Departs: Albany
  • Departure Time: 5.30am
  • Duration 12 hours

Perth Canyon
Blue Whale

$ 385
  • Dates:April
  • Species: Blue Whales
  • Departs: Fremantle
  • Departure Time: 8am
  • 5 Star Luxury

Join The Pod®️ with Australia’s #1 Whale Watching Experience.
We deliver unique, superior Whale Watch tours unrivalled anywhere in Australia providing our guests with the opportunity to Whale Watch Australia wide 12 months of the year.

3 Oceans - 8 Cetacean Species - All Year

Our year begins in Bremer Bay as we sight the oceans apex predator, the Orca (Killer Whale). Join the award-winning Bremer Bay Orca Experience and meet the oceans apex predators with Australia’s most experienced Whale Watch family. Departing every summer from January to mid-April we visit the feeding grounds of the Orca and introduce you to the family pods who call this incredible southern ocean coastline home.

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The autumn months are then spent departing from Fremantle to see the largest creature to ever grace our planet feasting on krill in the Perth Canyon, the Blue Whale. Our Perth Canyon Blue Whale tour is the only tour of its kind in Australia as we research and study their mysterious lives. Every tour is dedicated to finding, tracking, and researching the Blue Whales as we monitor this endangered species and provide guests with this lifetime opportunity of meeting one of the worlds wildlife wonders.

Winter is the start of an epic migration on both sides of our Australian coastline as the Humpback Whales begin their northern winter migration. Western Australia is host to the largest population of Humpback Whales on the planet as we see over forty-five thousand whales making their journey north towards the Kimberly region where they will spend the winter months breeding and raising new-born calves. The perfect sighting grounds for the northern migration are in Augusta where our daily departures are available throughout the winter months.

The change of season sights the beginning of the southern Humpback Whale migration as from September through to early December we see the whales making their long journey back south towards Antarctica where they will spend the summer months feeding. New-born calves are now a couple of months old, and the mother whales will bring their little ones in close to the coastline off Perth to rest before the next stage of their journey. Our daily spring departures from Fremantle and Hillarys enjoy the intimate interactions with the southbound Humpback Whales.

Our family’s history is intertwined with pearling and marine ecotourism industries with six generations of experience. Our core family unit continues to enjoy the privilege of spending our lives on the ocean and providing world class cetacean education and viewing for our guests.

Our family also operates Gold Coast whale watching tours during the Humpback season from May to October as Queensland is host to one of the world’s most remarkable migrations with over thirty-five thousand Humpback Whales making their journey along the eastern coastline of Australia. The ocean that meets the Surfers Paradise skyline is the perfect location to view this epic migration and meet these intelligent individuals while learning about their incredible story.

The Whale Watch family team have dedicated our time to creating an experience that will guide you through the history and incredible life story of the whales and dolphins that call Australia home. Let our team be your interpreters for the day as we translate the Language of the Whales for you with our live and educational commentary.

Every tour Australia wide includes our 100% Lifetime Sighting Guarantee to ensure that in the unlikely event that no whales are sighted you are welcome to Join The Pod®️ again free of charge with our flexible rescheduling options.

Our team dedicate each tour throughout all our seasons to furthering our understanding and knowledge of the cetaceans we work with as interaction logs, audio recordings and ID cataloging is collected and shared with leading universities and researchers from around Australia and the world along with our in-house research programs.

The opportunity to work with some of the world’s most elusive and unique cetaceans has provided our family team with a Whale Watch skill set that is unrivalled in Australia. This is not a job for our family, it is our passion and what we have dedicated our lives to ensuring that every tour is more than just an experience, it is an education.

Whale Watching Western Australia

WA Family

Only Western Australian family owned & operated all year.

Five Star Service

Western Australia's premier Whale Watch luxury experience.

Expert Commentry

Marine scientists & behavioural experts onboard every tour.


Postcard and photos of your tour experience.
Live Research Onboard.

Duty of

100% safety record, will not operate in extreme weather.

Perth Humpback Season 2023 Finale

Perth Humpback Season 2023 Finale

Perth Humpback Season 2023 Finale today as we bid farewell to our wonderful friends after yet another incredible season in their company. It was a

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