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Your guide to Whale Watching in Margaret River

The small township of Margaret River is located 2.25 hours south of Perth in Western Australia and is famous for its world renowned wineries and surfing breaks. It is also a fantastic place to visit and discover the nearby surf beaches, caves and some exceptional whale watching in Augusta during the winter months of May-August and then in Dunsborough and Busselton for the spring months of September through to December. Both national and international visitors enjoy their time in this very picturesque township and surrounding farmland. There are beautiful Capes to discover but most visitors come for the annual Humpback & Southern Right Whale migration. Flinders Bay & Geographe Bay is a resting area for the southern migration of the Humpback Whale and the calving grounds of the Southern Right Whale during the northern and southern migrations.

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Whale Watching Season in Margaret River

Whale Watching Margaret River is the top of the wish list for most tourists and travellers over the Australian winter months. The whale watching northern migration season in Augusta beginning in late May goes right through to the end of Augusta with the Southern Right Whales staying even longer until the end of September into October. September sees the returning southern migration of the Humpback Whales in Dunsborough and Busselton every year and is available until late November. The season changes slightly with different energy and activity levels and as the Humpback migration passes through Geographe Bay while the Southern Right Whales arrive in late June and start to depart the area in October with their calves on the long journey back to Antarctica waters.

Late May – Late November

The epic northern and southern Humpback migration reaches a peak during this time as the Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales migrate to give birth to calves and males are looking to mate with a suitable partner. During this time of year we can sight much activity amongst the Humpbacks & Southern Rights including intimate mother & calf interactions as the new generation is taught the Language of the Whales™. This language is essential for the survival of this great cetacean species.

Whale Species in Margaret River

The two main species of whales sighted off Perth’s coastline are the Blue Whale and Humpback Whales. Other species have been sighted and these include Orca, Southern Right Whales, Sperm Whales, Beaked Whales, Minke Whales and many different species of Dolphins.

Humpback Whales

The acrobatic, graceful Humpback Whales are a favourite amongst whale watchers of the world due to their energetic and acrobatic displays as they communicate the Language of the Whales tm. During the spring months they are migrating back towards the feeding grounds of Antarctica with their new generation of calves. We sight such initmate behaviour on the southern migration in Dunsborough as all age groups, both male and female, young and old, congregate for a quick rest and to socialise before they continue their journey south.

Southern Right Whales

The nursery grounds located in Geographe Bay and around Bunker Bay for the still endangered Southern Right Whale is a vital part of this beautiful species recovery from near extinction. Every season we see numbers slowly increasing as more females arrive to give birth to the next generation of Australian Southern Rights in the protected and sheltered waters found in Dunsborough waters. Meeting one of these magnificent whales is a privilege and very special encounters can be had in Geographe & Bunkers Bay as curious juveniles and calves approach our vessel to interact with everyone onboard.

Departure Location

Margaret River Township, Western Australia

Margaret River is located 2.25 hours drive south from the city of Perth, Western Australia. The best way to travel to Margaret River is with our Day Tour luxury bus with beautiful scenery and comfortable roads throughout the journey.

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Getting to Margaret River

Margaret River is located 2.25 hours drive south from the city of Perth, Western Australia. The best way to travel to Margaret River is with our Day Tour luxury bus with beautiful scenery and comfortable roads throughout the journey. Should you choose to drive yourself the journey is an easy drive from Perth. The TransWA bus also departs from Perth to Margaret River regularly throughout the week should public transport be a suitable option for your travel plans. You can also fly direct to the new Busselton airport.

Weather in Margaret River

The peak whale watching season in Margaret River is during the Australian winter and spring months with an average temperature of 10-22°C (30-74°F). We advise dressing warmly and to dress to conditions. Weather conditions during winter can become cold so be sure to bring a warm coat and hat, the wind is generally offshore in winter and is protected by Flinders Bay, during spring can be very pleasant with sunny days and clear, crisp conditions perfect for whale watching. We do recommend if possible allowing flexibility in your itinerary so you have the option of transferring your tour should there be better weather conditions during your time in the region.

What to do in Margaret River

Margaret River is in the middle of the two Capes, Naturaliste and Leeuwin (most southern point of Australian mainland) and there is miles of activities, wineries,lighthouse visits, cave excursions, restaurants, river cruises and animal petting farms to name a few things to occupy inquisitive minds but undoubtedly the best experience in the South West is a Whale Watch Experience with Australia’s premier Whale Watch company.

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