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Fremantle Whale Watching Tours

Fremantle Whale Watch Fremantle Whale Watching Tours departing during September are the perfect time to meet a wonderful mixture of different Humpback Whale age groups

The Queens Day

The Queens Day today as flowers were spread in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth and Humpback Whales filled the sighting grounds. A beautiful spring morning welcomed

Rottnest Whales

Rottnest Whales today as multiple Humpback Whale pods traversed the busy waters surrounding Rottnest Island as they continued with their southbound migration. It was a

Whale Watching Hillarys

Fremantle Whale Watch Whale Watching Hillarys this afternoon with an interesting pod of mother, calf and bachelor males while this morning whale watching from Fremantle

Whales Play Off Fremantle

Whales play off Fremantle this morning as three beautiful batchelor male Humpback Whales stretched out in the sunshine and played amongst the seaweed. It was

Whales Fremantle

Whales Fremantle during September is the perfect time to meet the teenagers and young adults of the Western Australian Humpback Whale population. Typical of most

Weekend Whale Watching

Fremantle Tour Weekend Whale Watching at its finest with perfect weather conditions and curious Humpback Whales on both our Fremantle and Hillarys departures today. The

The Art Of Whale Watching

The art of Whale Watching is a fascinating process that our Pod members onboard can observe during each tour and learn how to read the

Thank you Queen Elizabeth II

The news of our Queen’s passing today impacted the world and as we departed to the Humpback Whale sighting grounds off Perth our thoughts were

Hello Perth Whale Watch

Hello Perth Whale Watch it was today as the Humpback Whales gathered in the sighting grounds with a beautiful female pec slapping to gain attention

Orca Survivor

Orca survivor with a story to tell as we met a young Humpback Whale this morning who has survived an Orca attack with the scars

Fathers Day Whale Watching

Fathers Day Whale Watching on a perfect day to be out on the Indian Ocean as a curious Humpback mother and calf along with Bottlenose

First Humpback Mum and Calf

First Humpback mum and calf heading south for our Perth season was sighted today as they both enjoyed breaching enthusiastically in the breeze. Scanning the

Humpback Annual Migration

Humpback annual migration can be seen every year along the Australian coastline in winter and spring. The winter is dedicated to the northern migration as

Rottnest Whale Watching

Rottnest Whale Watching on the last day of winter as we enjoyed the company of four boisterous Humpback Whales who were showing off some spectacular