Blue and Humpback Whale Farewell

It was a Blue and Humpback Whale farewell today as we celebrated the last tour for Season 2020 and were completely elated to meet a

Scarborough Whale Watching

Scarborough whale watching on a spectacular day in Western Australia as we re-sighted yesterdays pod who were now refreshed and incredibly surface active! Departing Fremantle

Building Trust with Cetaceans

Building trust with cetaceans is a fundamental part of being a whale watcher and today was the perfect example as a beautiful mother whale and

Perth Humpback Whales Southbound Journey

Perth Humpback Whales southbound journey has been underway since late August and the last of the mothers and their calves are now focusing in on

Guardians of our Coastline

The Guardians of our coastline was on display today as not only our Military set about exercises and drills, so did our Mother Humpbacks as

Humpback Calf Feeding

Humpback calf feeding is a vital part of the migration for these youngsters and today we had the privilege of being welcomed into the pod

Breaching Humpback Calves

Breaching Humpback calves on the last day in October as beautiful baby breaching lit up the Indian Ocean as our calves decided it was time

Heat Haze Humpbacks

Heat Haze Humpbacks on a beautifully warm day as mother whales and their calves moved through the resting grounds seeking an oasis to rest in.

Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching

Hillarys Boat Harbour Whale Watching today as we found ourselves all the way out and inline with the Hillarys Boat Harbour as our first sighting

Amazing Seagrass

JoshMarine Scientist Read More Amazing Seagreass – There are many important and often overlooked plants and animals that occur on the coast of Western Australia.

Whale Acoustics

Whale acoustics are a fascinating look into the world of the whales as today we had the opportunity of not only observing surface activity noise

Curious Humpback Whale Calves

Curious Humpback Whale calves on a superb day in the waters off Fremantle as both our morning and afternoon tours enjoyed the company of these

Why Do Humpback Whales Pec Slap?

Why do Humpback Whales Pec Slap? Pectoral slapping is generally a very friendly or flirty behaviour amongst Humpback Whales and today we had a great