Bremer Orcas and Pilot Whales

Bremer Orcas and Pilot Whales took over the Patch today as families gathered to feast and socialise in a very special day off Bremer Bay.

Tourism Minister Joins The Pod

The tourism Minister Joins The Pod as we welcomed the Hon Paul Papalia onboard today to meet the Orca of Bremer Bay. All eyes were

Albany Killer Whales

Albany Killer Whales surged to the west today as we found ourselves on a high powered surge and if we went any further we would

Why Do Killer Whales Spyhop?

Why do Killer Whales spyhop?  There are a number of reasons why Orca spyhop and it is this behaviour which brings their eyes above water

Killer Whales Hunt Beaked Whale

Killer Whales hunt Beaked Whale this morning as hundreds of Shearwaters and Albatross flocked to the large oil slick that had formed on the surface.

Lucky’s Pod

Lucky’s pod is one of our favourite family pods to interact with and today we enjoyed the company of not onlyLucky but her entire 18+

Orca Matriarchs in the Patch

Orca Matriarchs in the Patch as within moments of our arrival Cookie surfaced 20 meters ahead with her family pod. They were on the hunt

Bremer Orca Kill Beaked Whale

Bremer Orca kill Beaked Whale today in the Bremer Canyon as a Cuvier’s Beaked Whale was successfully hunted by over 60 Orca. Moments after arriving

Pilot Whales Steal the Show

Pilot Whales steal the show today as we were completed surrounded by 300+ individuals along with Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and of course our magnificent Orca.

Orcas Hunting in the Patch

Orcas Hunting in the Patch as within moments of arriving we were met by Cookie and her family pod. Our morning firstly began with the

Orca Calves Takeover Bremer Canyon

Orca calves takeover Bremer Canyon today as five family Orca pods hunted in the Patch. Just like any get-together, this exciting day was most enjoyed

New Bremer Orca Calves Identified

New Bremer Orca calves identified and it is time to meet the newest addition to the Bremer Bay Orca family… meet Grace (WWWAbb03). Today was

South West Killer Whales

South West Killer Whales it was today as our journey took us on a beautiful day spent with Orca and the first Pilot Whales for

Hunting with Bremer Bay Orca

Hunting with Bremer Bay Orca is exciting and educational as the matriarch of the family pod displays hunting tactics and immense intelligence amongst the family.

Why Do Orca Surge?

Why do Orca surge? There are a number of different reasons why Orca launch themselves powerfully above the waters surface as they propel in high


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