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Bremer Canyon Orca Experience

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience as we spent the day with Queen and her family pod who completed a successful Beaked Whale hunt and spent the

Orca Chaperoned Dating

Orca chaperoned dating is a fascinating insight into the private lives of wild Orca and how the elder family members will often chaperone the females

World of the Orca

Immersed in the world of the Orca today as gorgeous calf Samurai was back again for some fun while Kidji and her family pod relaxed

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air as big male Kai showed off to the ladies today and we found ourselves head over heals for this handsome

Orca Calf Cubs

Orca calf cubs and his family pod enjoyed the last day of January with plenty of foraging and some fun social times amongst the family

Bremer Killer Whales

Bremer Killer Whales were busy today as a successful squid hunt, feeding and social interaction started off the Orca week in the best of ways.

Intense Orca Interaction

Intense Orca interaction onboard todays tour as from the moment we arrived in The Patch we were greeted by playful Orca before a squid hunt

Pilot Whales

A big blue sky day and calm conditions greeted us this morning as we departed the Bremer Boat Harbour. The forecast was going to be

Australian Made Orca 2023

Australian Made Orca 2023 was celebrated with Aussie music, sausage sizzle, lamingtons, hungry Sunfish and our Australian Made Orca on a most beautiful summers day.

Experience the Extraordinary

Experience the extraordinary with the Orca of Bremer Bay as you meet the oceans apex predator and are welcomed into their world for a day.

How Killer Whales Share Food

How Killer Whales share food is an important aspect of everyday life for them and with another successful Beaked Whale hunt this morning it created

Wandering Orca

Wandering Orca spread out in The Patch today as they foraged amongst soaring Wandering Albatross and a bright blue sky. It was a lovely day

A Bigg Killer Whale

A Bigg Killer Whale was seen today and this gorgeous male Killer Whale has a very important story behind his name. Dr. Michael Bigg was

Orca in Australia

Orca in Australia can be found in Bremer Bay during the summer months as they gather to feast in the nutrient rich waters off the