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Whale Season Changing

The Whale season is changing in Augusta as the energy of the northern Humpback Whale migration begins to settle earlier than expected for Season 2021.

Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales

Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales today as a competition pod electrified the cape as the males surged after her and the female breached to encourage their

Newborn Humpback Calf

Newborn Humpback calf who was only hours old was lifted to the surface as the little ones protective mother welcomed her new baby to the

Whale Calves in Flinders Bay

Whale calves in Flinders Bay today as we fell in love with two beautiful newborns from two different species of baleen whale. A Southern Right

Humpback Whales Meet in Augusta

Humpback Whales meet in Augusta every day during the winter months as this afternoon three seperate pods made the most of the easing weather conditions.

Humpbacks Northern Migration 2021

Humpbacks northern migration 2021 is in full swing as today an incredibly intense competition pod roared through the bay and our afternoon was spent in

Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching

Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching on a winters day as our second Humpback calf for Season 2021 was sighted and a boisterous competition pod caused a

First Humpback Calf for Season 2021

First Humpback Calf for Season 2021 was sighted this afternoon as the tiny calf surfaced alongside mum with both having matching big white bellies. It

Winter Whales Australia

Winter Whales Australia it was today with the rain clearing as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and made our way into the sighting grounds

Dangers of the Humpback Migration

Dangers of the Humpback migration can often be sighted as old injuries and today we met one Humpback who was a propellor strike survivor. Approaching

Augusta Harbour Whale Watching

Augusta Harbour Whale Watching was enjoyed within moments of departure today as leaving the harbour two big Humpback Whales could be sighted swimming straight towards

July Whale Watching in Augusta

July Whale Watching in Augusta as we move into the heart of the northern migration as the urgency for the Humpback Whales of Western Australia

Western Australia’s Best Whale Watching

Western Australia’s Best Whale Watching enjoyed onboard Whale Watch Western Australia in the beautiful waters of Flinders Bay as the northern Humpback Whale migration was

First Newborn Southern Right Whale

First newborn Southern Right Whale calf for Season 2021 sighted today in Flinders Bay, Augusta! It was with much excitement this morning a powerful exhale