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Western Australia Dolphins

Western Australia Dolphins can be found along our coastline with today sighting an enormous feeding frenzy as hundreds of birds fed on a giant school

Australian Blue Whales

Australian Blue Whales in the Perth Canyon were stunning today as two individuals traversed the feeding grounds together in perfect unison. Another beautiful morning as

Blue Whale Tours Perth 2021

Blue Whale Tours Perth 2021 began today with an explosion of energy as a young Humpback Whale greeted us with spectacular surface activity before two

Whitfords Ladies Probus Club

Thank you to the Whitfords Ladies Probus Club for a wonderful morning of Learning the Language of the Whales! The coastline of Western Australia is

Bremer Bay Orca Calf Bubbles

Introducing Bremer Bay Orca calf Bubbles (WWWA06) who is absolutely adorable and named after our wonderful Pod Member Natalie! Sighted throughout this season growing, socialising

End of Orca Season 2021

The end of Orca Season 2021 arrived today and it was bittersweet as we were surrounded by playful, happy Orca on our last tour for

Blue Planet III Bremer Canyon

Blue Planet III Bremer Canyon unfolded today in picturesque weather as Orca, Sperm Whales, Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and an exciting sighting of False Killer Whales

Killer Whale Season

Killer Whale Season in Bremer Bay is a wonderful time of the year to observe our oceans apex predator and today we had the opportunity

April Orca Tours

April Orca Tours are currently departing from Bremer Bay as we celebrate Easter this weekend and enjoy time with family and friends including of course

New Bremer Orca Calf Identified

New Bremer Orca calf identified today as we excitedly watched the youngest member of the family pod surface alongside mum happily. She wasn’t the only

Bremer Killer Whale Research

Bremer Killer Whale Research on another beautiful day in The Patch as lovely male Giovani spent some time hanging out with his namesake. A breeze

Bremer Bay Killer Whale Royalty

Bremer Bay Killer Whale royalty on a picturesque Autumn day as we Joined The Pod with some of the populations most fundamental pod members. Today

Autumn with the Bremer Orca

Autumn with the Bremer Orca is always a fascinating time of year as we transition from the hectic summer feeding season and the Orca start

Predators of the Bremer Canyon

Predators of the Bremer Canyon were on the hunt today as a Hammerhead Shark, lone bull Sperm Whale and Orca were on the lookout for

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales steal the show today with four magnificent males feasting on squid in The Patch as speedy Pilot Whales raced by and