Bremer Orca Season 2024 Final Days

Bremer Orca Season 2024 Final Days Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Orca Season 2024 final days as we enjoy the company of our apex predators for the last few days of the season with B-Slice and family spending some time with us today. Autumn has certainly settled in and with the cooler breeze now ruffling the coastline we can feel winter approaching quickly. The wildlife are well tuned into the seasonal changes and already we are observing movement of the baleen whales migrating north and Orca family pods already spreading out their search net to cover bigger areas and bigger prey. Generally this time of the season you can expect to do a little more searching for the Orca pods as they spend less time in The Patch but today upon our arrival familiar faces surfaced. Swimming towards us excitedly we could see Cheryl and her family pod including big boys Giovanni and B-Slice as they went belly up underneath our bow. The pod was happy and social this morning as they spent the first couple of hours of our interaction playfully hanging out together and with us as they would greet everyone onboard before finding Julia with the GoPro.

Always lovely to see the Orca in such a playful and relaxed mood with a small oil slick forming later on in the morning after a foraging dive indicating something small had been captured further down in the water column. A small snack of squid or fish is better than no snack at all and after this mini meal they began to search to the west as they travelled steadily alongside us in a FLOT line while covering ground efficiently. The family travelled for a long time before regrouping and heading back in towards The Patch with a bit more momentum on their return journey. It was a lovely day with the Orca and fantastic to spend some time with this very social family pod as they had fun but also displayed their disciplined foraging today as well. Australian Sea Lion pup Alby couldn’t look happier as the little one enjoyed a yummy meal of milk from mum who had finally returned from one of her recent fishing trips. Pearl wondered down to the waterline to see us before slipping in for a dip and showing off just how effortlessly the Sea Lions can move through the water. Bremer Orca season 2024 final days are happing this week ahead and we look forward to every last day with the Orca of Bremer Bay before it is time for us to head north for the arrival of the Perth Canyon Blue Whales!

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