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Designed specifically for Whales by Whale Watchers

Our vessels are dedicated to whale watching all year and have been specifically designed to operate in harmony with Australian cetaceans. Whale watching should be just that, watching and our moto is to observe and not influence behaviour. Sound is the main communication skill below water and our vessels have been designed to minimise sound pollution in the environments we work in. Our family team have spent many years and thousands of hours building a skill set and interaction procedures that are implemented onboard every tour. The art of whale watching takes time and patience, our family business has dedicated our time to creating a whale watch experience that allows you to Join The Pod® and be welcomed by the whales into their wild environment.

Our vessels are an integral part of your whale watch journey and we are excited to welcome you onboard Australia’s only dedicated, year round whale watch fleet. Discover the vessel that best suits your personality and desired whale watch experience. Operating all year and following the migration of Australia’s cetaceans both our vessels provide the opportunity to depart from unique departure locations and meet some of the worlds most beloved whale and dolphin species. The opportunity to work with some of the worlds most elusive and unique cetaceans has provided our family team with a Whale Watch skill set that is unrivalled in Australia and our vessels are the conduit that will link your world into the world of the whales.

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MV Steep Point

Western Australia's Premier Whale Watch Vessel

Interior opulence, expansive viewing platforms over three levels and superior speed for transiting between your departure location and the sighting grounds. MV Steep Point is the largest and most luxurious dedicated Whale Watch vessel in Western Australia. Meet the cetaceans of Western Australia in comfort and style onboard a purpose built open ocean Whale Watch cruiser designed for speed and luxury with the highest priority for customer safety and satisfaction.

Whale Watch 1

Australia's Newest and Most Eco-Friendly Whale Watch Vessel

Whale Watch 1 is proudly designed and made in Australia to elevate your whale watch experience to an elite level and immerse you in the world of the whales.  This brand new vessel is a game changer for the industry, not only in environmental impact emissions but more importantly the impact on our cetaceans.

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