Mother Humpback Saves Her Calf

UWA Presentation with WA Naturalist's Club

Destinations WA - Bremer Canyon Orca Experience

Kimberly Calling

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Experience

West Coast Orcas

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience

Pilot Whales vocalising in the Bremer Canyon

Perth Competition Pod

Orca Mating in the Bremer Canyon

Dwarf Minke Whales of Australia

Bremer Bay Pilot Whales

Whale Watching at Rottnest Island

Perth's Best Whale Watching

Humback Highway Rottnest Highway

Whale Watching Perth - 2018 Season

Whale Wonders - Augusta

Whale Watching Perth - 2016 Season

Perth Telethon Whales

Pod of Humpback Mothers teaching their Calves the Language of the Whales™

Whale Watching Western Australia

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