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‘It’s more than a tour – it’s an education’ – Tripadvisor review

Learn the Language of the Whales as our onboard live commentary will educate you on why Humpbacks show such active surface behaviour.

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Epic Migration

The Humpback whale is truly a miracle in oceanic migration of any species on earth.

The epic migration is over 13,000 kms without feeding relying on fat stores from Antarctica to the Kimberly and return, mothers with calf in tow nurturing them all the way.

Humpback Whales

The most acrobatic of our magnificent Western Australian cetacean species, the Humpback Whale.

Humpback Whales can be discovered on their northern migration from late May to mid August in Augusta and in Perth (Fremantle) from September through to early December on their southern migration.

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Tour Dates: September – December

5 Viewing Decks over 3 Levels. WA Family Owned & Operated assures superior luxury & service!

Welcome aboard the Steep Point, a $4.5M purpose built luxury catamaran with 30 knot capability, the largest and most luxurious in WA, getting you to the magnificent Western Australian Whales…Fast! This luxurious 25 meter stable vessel provides an excellent platform for whale watching, with 5 viewing decks over 3 levels from which you can sight the magnificent Humpback, Southern Right and occasionally, the very rare Blue Whale along with Seals, Dolphins and migratory bird life from all over the world.

You will enjoy amazing uninterrupted views from water level to the huge open bow and upper grandstand deck, heated interior lounge with luxury lounge seating.

The Whale Watch family team have dedicated their time to creating an experience that will guide you through the history and incredible life story of the Australian Humpback Whale. Let our team be your interpreters for the day as we translate the Language of the Whales for you with our live and educational commentary.

Turn moments into memories to share with loved ones as our onboard professional photographer will capture the very best images of the day for you to download free of charge from the Daily Whale. Our Whale Watch family team dedicate each tour to furthering our understanding and knowledge of the cetaceans we work with as interaction logs, audio recordings and ID cataloging is collected and shared with leading universities and researchers from around Australia and the world.


How to Prepare

Flexible Departure Days
Depending on if you are travelling locally or visiting the region, providing yourself with a flexible departure date is highly recommend. Our team will get a good weather forecast generally 5 to 7 days out from your chosen travel date and will monitor for any adverse weather conditions. Especially if you are travelling by booking your Whale Watch tour earlier in your stay you ensure that there is flexibility in transferring to the best weather day possible for your experience if adverse weather happens to be expected. Our team are always here to help and you are welcome to provide alternative travel dates in your booking notes or contact our team direct to see what the latest forecast is for your upcoming tour.

Dress in Layers
The ocean breeze is one of the great enjoyments of being out on the water but it can be refreshing, even on a summers day. Dressing in layers ensures that you can stay as warm as you need or take off a few layers if required. A warm, waterproof jacket is recommend especially on colder days or if rain is forecast while flat shoes are the most suitable option for when onboard vessels. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended if you wish to spend most of your time on the outside areas of the vessel. Ponchos are only necessary if rain is forecast and also a handy option to bring with you for our day tours with the Orca or Blue Whales when weather conditions can be variable over a few hours at sea.

Motion Sickness Prevention
Prevention is always better than cure and we recommend discussing with your local pharmacist or doctor the best remedies if you are susceptible to motion sickness. Motion sickness affects everyone differently and if you have not spent much time on the ocean before it is always a good idea if recommended by your pharmacist/doctor to look at preventative measures. It can make a very big difference and it is important to follow the directions as advised with most tablets needing to be taken prior to departure and at the correct dosage. Fresh breeze, remaining on the lower decks and not reading or using your phone can all assist those who are susceptible. Our team are onboard to help with any questions you may have throughout your tour and assist with making your experience an enjoyable one.

Early Arrival
Departure times are very important and just like a plane when it is time for the vessel to depart we are not able to remain waiting at the jetty. Guests are required to be at their departure location 30 minutes prior to departure time to ensure that there is no risk of running late. Please double check your departure location, parking or drop-off options and if your are not familiar with the area please allow for extra time to reach your destination. Departing on time is important for the symmetry of tours to ensure plenty fo time with the whales and no rushing for our guests.

Camera Equipment
All cetaceans require a respectful reactionary distance and it is also part of interaction rules and regulations to ensure our whales and dolphins comfort at all times. Depending on the species, if they are travelling with calves, hunting or resting we will generally be between 100 to 300 meters away from the pod of cetacean we are working with. Usually the natural curiosity of the cetaceans we work with results in the pods approaching our vessel for a closer look or to interact and in those occasions they can be within reaching distance of the vessel. During each tour you will find that we will have a combination of both very close and normal distance interactions which means that both DSLR cameras and iPhones can come in handy! If you are simply wanting to enjoy your time with the whales our onboard photographer will capture all the action of the day with the very best images available to download free of charge on our website at the Daily Whale for all guests.

Departure Times are 9:00am / 12:00pm / 3:00pm
  • Sardine Jetty, Mews Road, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour
  • Paid parking is available at Sardine Jetty
  • Please check departure pickup points and times.
  • Please arrive 30 mins prior to departure time
  • Boarding commences 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Boarding Gate closes 5 minutes prior to departure (No Exceptions)
Join The Pod®️

Join The Pod and Learn the Language of the Whales with Whale Watch Western Australia.

Our dedicated and passionate Whale Watch family have designed each journey to educate and inspire our guests on the incredible history and life of the Humpback Whale. Our tours have been specifically designed to ensure that our time with the whales is respectful, educational and meaningful. Our moto is to observe and not influence behaviour ensuring that the behaviours we witness are natural and we are better able to match the energy of the whales with our brand new vessels design.

Every tour has our 100% lifetime sighting guarantee and in the unlikely event that the whale species of your tour is not sighted you will receive a return ticket that can be used at anytime in the future with no expiry date or passed on to family and friends.

  • Luxury lifetime experience at the best available price
  • Live commentary from cetacean behavioural experts
  • 100% Lifetime Whale Watch Sighting Guarantee
  • WA’s leading award winning Whale Watch
  • Excellent 5 STAR Tripadvisor Rating
  • Educational Immersive Experience
  • Preferred affiliate of many high profile brands
  • State of the Art Whale Watching Vessels
  • Photographer onboard – Free Photos
  • Safe and Easy Marina Boarding
  • Superior service, safety and comfort
  • Family and Group Specials
  • West Australian Family Owned and Operated

Departure Location

Sardine Jetty, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia

Just 15 mins from Perth is the world famous seaside city of Fremantle. Sardine Jetty is located within the Fishing Boat Harbour opposite the Fremantle Ferris Wheel. Take in the sights of Rottnest Island and experience the ultimate Whale Watch experience right here in Perth, Western Australia.

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