Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024

Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 has completed after what has been a brilliant season with the Orca of Bremer Bay. Thank you to every one of our Pod Members for joining us this season and to all those who have followed The Daily Whale from around Australia and the world.

Our family is forever grateful to both live and work in the beautiful town of Bremer Bay alongside a supportive and kind community of likeminded people who make every season wonderful. A big thank you of course to Captain Albert for being the bestest boy as always and helping us find the Orca each day along with Mum and Dad for their endless support and leadership.

Our thoughts are with the wonderful Howell family who made such an impact on us all and we are forever grateful this Orca season brought us all together, Jo will forever be an eternal Pod Member.

A standout for our family this season has been our remarkable team who have filled everyday with so much fun, dedication and kindness it has blown us away.

The professionalism, endless laughter and genuine care towards our guests and each other has made this season our best ever and we couldn’t thank Alex, Valley, Jules, Ambrose and Chloe enough for making this Orca season so very special. Our family are very proud of you all and know that anyone who has the opportunity to have you in their lives are blessed. The world needs more people filled with as much humour, thoughtfulness, character and substance as you all have in abundance and we are honoured to have you as part of our family Pod.

Countdown to Bremer Bay Orca Season 2025 is on already and we cannot wait! In the meantime keep the good times rolling, take time to smell the roses and don’t forget an Orca dance a day is good for the soul💃🐬☀️🤍🖤