Killer Whales Feeding

Killer Whales Feeding Whale Watch Western Australia

Killer Whales feeding was observed today as much loved Maddison showed off to us her prized meal that was captured on another busy day with the Orca. A few rain showers moved past quickly in the morning and cleared for what was set to be a special day with the Killer Whales. Arriving in The Patch we could see Queen and Alki in the midst of a hunt as pod members had converged and the energy levels were high. Shearwaters and Albatross swarmed as the kill was made and with a heavy oil slick forming on the surface we could see the Orca begin to prepare their meal. It was only a juvenile Beaked Whale but still leaving a significant slick behind as the Orca separated their meal and shared amongst pod members. Maddison was gifted the skull of the Beaked Whale to carry and she did so very proudly as the family circled closely to share their meal with a cheeky spy hop from Nicki. Eventually the food remains became smaller as they feasted throughout the morning happily. Maddison continued to bring her meal over to us time and time again to show it to everyone onboard.

It is something we have always seen Maddison do since we have known her, she loves her food and also sharing her food with others. Today we were offered part of the meal as she would bring it up to the surface and then to the GoPro while nudging it closer to us each time. She is a beautiful character and has previously left small chunks of food next to our bow in the past as today she continued on with her sharing ways. Slater and Grace would come over and enjoy feeding from the main part that Maddison was carrying throughout the day until eventually only a very small amount remained. Bellies full it was now time to have some fun as the little ones chased after each other and played around us while the rest of their family rested just ahead. A fascinating day to observe Killer Whales feeding and see the sharing aspect of each meal with all pod members ensuring everyone has plenty to eat. Our day was completed with the wonderful company of the local Bottlenose Dolphins who had also enjoyed a feast of pilchards throughout the day as they escorted us all the way from Glasse Island back to the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour.

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