Winter Whale Watching in Perth

Whale Watch Western Australia

Winter whale watching in Perth can be enjoyed from Augusta as we welcome the annual northern Humpback Whale migration with thousands of whales taking over Flinders Bay. June has been busy as usual with hundreds of Humpbacks making their way through the bay and around Cape Leeuwin every day with many more competition pods now starting to be observed regularly. A busy time for the pods as many enjoy a short rest in the sheltered waters of Flinders Bay before continuing on with their journey north. Other pods are a little more focused as they arrive and search for a suitable mate prior to leaving Augusta, many competition pods form in Flinders Bay as multiple pods and individuals converge into a relatively small area. It is also an exciting time for the juveniles who are learning much from the adults especially the teenage males who learn how to pursue and attract the females, it may be a few years yet though before they can actively participate in the many competition pods that form within the bay.

The month of June observes the number of Humpback Whales increasing daily before reaching a peak just prior to mid July. The annual journey will see approximately 45,000 Humpback Whales migrating north which is an astonishing number and the largest Humpback Whale population and migration on the planet. Surface activity is frequent as well with so many pods within the bay it generally doesn’t take long for a conversation to take place. Breaching, pec slapping and tail lobs are frequently observed as we see both friendly and defensive language amongst the whales. Females will often look to attract attention towards themselves while the males will try to deter the approach of any possible competition from nearby bachelor males. The entertainment is set to continue for the weeks ahead as we enjoy the opportunity of observing the high energy, enthusiastic courtship displays of the beautiful Humpback Whales of Western Australia.