How Far Do Orca Travel in a Day?

How Far Do Orca Travel in a Day? Whale Watch Western Australia

How far do Orca travel in a day? Today was a great example of just how far Orca can travel in a day as Cheryl and her family pod covered over 35 kilometres in four hours during our time with them. It was yet another spectacular day to be out on the water with a calm sea and gentle swell making for a very efficient journey out towards the sighting grounds. The movements of the Orca are starting to increase as they cover bigger distances in search of that next meal. Prey are starting to change their movements through the area and the Orca are reflecting those changes as their foraging patterns adjust. Today we enjoyed the company of Cheryl and her family pod including handsome male Giovanni as they moved from the east to the west. The family pod was spread and covering ground as they searched for any possible prey that may have been lingering nearby. The ocean was incredible calm without any wind to ruffle the surface as they swam past us it was incredible to look through the glass like surface and watch their giant figures appear.

A stunning sight and with no wind today the auditory experience was very special as every powerful exhalation could be heard cutting through the still conditions. The family pod would regroup at times before spreading out again and by the time we had arrived to the far eastern side of The Patch we had travelled just over 35 kilometres with the Orca throughout our time with them. The fitness that these Orca display is remarkable as they make light work of covering ground with ease in search of their meals which during this time of the season tend to be a little trickier to target. Giovanni socialised with Dash and Eddie who came over with their mums to have some fun in the late afternoon sunshine after such a big day of travel it was now time for the Orca to unwind a little bit. One last lovely surprise was waiting for us on our return back to the coast as the same False Killer Whales and Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were foraging not far from Bremer Bay and on our approach they raced over for some fun bow riding. Such incredible creatures in appearance and character as we enjoyed some time with them before catching up with Australian Sea Lion pup Alby who has grown so much over the season so far!

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