Bremer Bay Pseudorca (False Killer Whales)

Bremer Bay Pseudorca (False Killer Whales) Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Bay Pseudorca (False Killer Whales) were a special sighting today along with Pilot Whales, Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, sleepy Fur Seals and two adult male Beaked Whale. It was a superb weather day and at times there wasn’t a ruffle of wind in sight as the southern ocean stretched out to the horizon like a mirror. It was mesmerising and a special day to be out at sea with such calm conditions as we covered ground steadily in search of the Orca. Our first sighting for the day was two very slinky and stealthy Beaked Whales surfacing up ahead and the scars along their backs and erupted teeth confirmed two males. A possible bachelor pod perhaps as they skirted around the area Orca have been working consistently over the last week. The increased dolphin activity in the area indicates a good number of prey available to these species with plentiful squid and fish drawing in the Beaked Whale along with all of the other wildlife species we observed today. Fur Seals bobbed with the sea as cheeky faces peered back our way as they lazily relaxed after a busy foraging session without a care in the world.

Pilot Whales were happy and content as they surrounded us enthusiastically for some social interaction. The visibility was superb today and as the Pilot Whales approached the Steep Point we could see every little marking and detail on their bodies like looking through glass prior to each surfacing. Spy hops, tail slaps and a few wrestles were enjoyed amongst them as they also enjoyed the beautiful conditions today. Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins raced to our bow and were followed immediately by False Killer Whales who are also known as Pseudorca due to their skulls and jaw being so similar in appearance to that of the Orca. It was lovely to see these two species swimming and socialising together, a unique sight and one we enjoyed immensely in the warmth of the afternoon sunshine. A very special day out with many wonderful and interactive species observed amongst the picture perfect conditions. Although our Orca were elusive today as their search range begins to increase with everyday going forward we are looking forward to heading out tomorrow and seeing what another wonderful day in the Bremer Canyons holds to discover.

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