Bremer Orca Tours 2024 Final Week

Bremer Orca Tours 2024 Final Week Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Orca tours 2024 final week as we now start moving through April and enjoy the last opportunities to spend time with the Orca of Bremer Bay for season 2024. Today was cool and it certainly feels closer to winter as we start a brand new month and see the changes in the Orca and their foraging patterns. The late autumn, winter and spring observes the Orca increase their foraging range as they target prey in other locations and spend greater time travelling along our southern coastline. Queen and Alki along with their pod members were observed today as they worked consistently in search of that next elusive meal. It was incredible to watch just how efficient their travel mode is as they cover ground with ease all while keeping a close eye and hear out for prey. It can take hours sometimes before a family pod is successful in securing a meal especially when targeting deep water specialists in squid and Beaked Whale.

A quick surge from Faith, Grace and Billie sent white water flying as they regrouped further ahead of the rest of the family pod and ensured they maintained no gaps in the giant Orca net they had formed. Sifting through the area the family managed to work a vast area before deciding it was time to regroup. Maddison realised now was the perfect time to come over and say hello to everyone as she swam around us on her side with her eye wide open to get a good look at everyone smiling and waving back to her. She is such a curious and friendly young Orca who we love to spend time with along with all of her pod members. Grace and Helen were both keeping up with all the activities today and also came over for greetings before it was time for the family to settle in for the next search phase for the late afternoon and evening ahead. Wishing them well we hoped they would be able to secure a good meal after all that hard work today in deeper water.

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