Hunting with The Orca

Hunting with The Orca Whale Watch Western Australia

Hunting with the Orca today as we joined three family pods on an exhilarating surge before Cookie and her family were successful with the kill. It was another beautiful morning as a refreshing shower quickly passed through before it cleared for a bright and sunny day out on the southern ocean. The Patch was busy this morning as we caught up with both Alki and Queen on our arrival who approached for relaxed morning greetings but it was only a few minutes later when the energy changed very quickly. Launching forwards we soon had all Orca in each family pod charging at high speeds as they began to surge with urgency towards another pod. Queen pulled ahead and it took a long time even at this fast pace for her to get closer to the others but just as she was making ground we could see the third pod in the final stages of the hunt. White water was flying and a heavy blow was landed in the final impacting moments of the hunt as the family were successful in securing their meal which appeared to be a juvenile Beaked Whale. A large oil slick formed immediately as we could see the identity of this family pod, it was Cookie!

The process of taking the important parts of their meal happened very quickly as within a short window of five minutes they had eaten and were now racing away from Queen. Carrying food with them we could see scraps being scattered behind as they began to surge with the birds plummeting into the ocean to capture their fleeting meal. Cookie and her family set a cracking pace as they surfed to the west with El Notcho stealing the show as he enjoyed a spot of bow riding. Simply incredible to be so close to this apex energy as the Orca displayed their remarkable power and speed as they cut through the ocean effortlessly. A while later Cookie had created a big enough reactionary distance as the family pod regrouped and began to continue their journey to the west at a much more relaxed pace. Resting and socialising amongst themselves unfolded for the rest of the day as we enjoyed watching them move as one while knowing how content they were after their meal. A marvellous day hunting with the Orca and fantastic to see them successful as every meal counts for the family pods who call these waters home.

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