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Australian Orca Tours Whale Watch Western Australia

Australian Orca tours operate every January to early April as we observe the incredible Orca of Bremer Bay with the cheeky Pilot Whales also dropping in to say hello today. It was a beautiful blue sky morning as we made our way across the southern ocean and out into the sighting grounds. A large oil slick and many a Shearwater were observed as we arrived in The Patch and it was clear a significant hunt had just recently taken place as further birds were observed just ahead. The strong scent of Beaked Whale lingered as soon we were surrounded by white water as Orca surged ahead of us with very familiar faces charging in behind them all, the Pilot Whales! Launching themselves towards the Orca it was an intense surge from the Pilot Whales who chased the Orca all the way to the west. It was brilliant fun to be part of the chase and watch as the ocean was alive with cetaceans as far as the eye could see with both the Pilot Whales and Orca spread wide. It took a long time but eventually the Orca managed to outmanoeuvre the Pilot Whales and regroup as they pushed their way back up towards The Patch.

The Pilot Whales followed for a little while but eventually lost interest and the Orca could finally cruise at their preferred pace again. Maxi came over to spend some time with us as she surfed along, belly up and having a good look at everyone. Noosa joined with her family as they all made their way back towards the oil slick that was very likely of their doing earlier on in the morning with the strong scent of Beaked Whale still noticeable amongst the calm conditions. It is normal to see the Pilot Whales attracted to the location of an Orca hunt which will see the Pilots come barreling in at top speeds. The Orca pods will generally need to feed quickly or take their meal with them as they move away from the 200+ Pilot Whales pushing the boundaries as they charge within meters of the Orca. The intelligence of the Orca is shown as they do not attack or fight the Pilot Whales, the Orca are by far outnumbered. Instead they are patient and will outmanoeuvre the Pilot Whales until they lose interest and then the Orca once again regain control of their hunting grounds. It is a fascinating game of chess most days during our Australian Orca tours as we watch the wildlife who call these waters home display their intelligence and brilliant way of life in the southern ocean.

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