Bremer Bay Seafari

Bremer Bay Seafari Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Bay Seafari today as we observed two spectacular Blue Whales, dozens of Pilot Whales and a successful hunt by the apex predator of our ocean, the Orca! It was a beautiful morning as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and began to make our way out towards the sighting grounds but our momentum forward was stopped suddenly when an enormous blow surfaced just ahead, it was the blow of a Blue Whale. Excitement rippled through the boat as we gently approached one of the largest creatures on our planet and watched for that next surfacing. The ocean glowed turquoise as another powerful exhalation erupted and we were overjoyed to see this magnificent Blue Whale gently migrating past Bremer Bay. Close to the coastline we noticed a few rock fishermen and wondered if they could see the Blue swimming past them, what a unique morning and once in a lifetime opportunity. A young adult, this Blue Whale was remaining very cautious which is excellent to see in waters so close to known Orca hunting grounds. Wishing our Blue Whale a safe journey ahead we continued out towards the continual shelf but soon after another powerful blow erupted, it was a second Blue Whale!

Travelling at a fast pace we could see this Blue Whale was larger than our first and being further off the coastline this individual was hightailing it past the area. Older and wiser, this lovely Blue new the importance of keeping a good pace along this stretch of coast and not hanging around for the Orca to find you. Travelling with this momentum caused the enormous body to rise higher above the surface to keep the pace and avoid too much slowing caused by an almost 24 meter, 90+ tonne body breaking the waters surface. It was a truely incredible start to our morning and as we arrived in The Patch the energy was set to go up another level as the Orca had closed in on their hunt. Orca began to converge and as a slick formed at the surface we could see further white water surging towards us at speed, it was the Pilot Whales. The commotion of the hunt had caused the Pilot Whales to have noticed the activity and they came barreling over in their usual way. B-Slice and family quickly carried their meal with them as they repeatedly outmanoeuvred the pesky Pilot Whales who continued to follow them around The Patch.

Feeding continued amongst the Orca as they shared their meal and relaxed, travelling with this pod back on Wednesday we had not observed them feeding during that 32+ kilometre swim and search. Today was good to see their success as they enjoyed their meal of Beaked Whale amongst the family pod. The family began to unwind and it was the perfect opportunity to travel with Cookie and her family pod who began to surge to the west. Surfing the swell and riding our wake all the way we travelled over 20 kilometres as the family socialised and enjoyed their morning surfing session. Regrouping together they then began to relax as they joined with us and surrounded our bow, not leaving our side as they settled into a consistent and peaceful travel mode. Cookie and her family over the years have built a wonderful trust with us and to be welcomed into their pod and swim with them in this way is incredibly special. Our final encounter for our Bremer Bay Seafari day was to check in with little Australian Sea Lion pup Alby who was looking snug and cuddly as per usual while patiently waiting for mum and her milk to return to Glasse Island.

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