2020 Bremer Orca Season Finishes

The 2020 Bremer Orca Season finishes today and it was a very beautiful day to celebrate what has been a truely phenomenal season. Blue skies, warm sunshine and calm conditions guided us to The Patch and as has been the rhythm over February and March, within moments of arriving the distinctive tall blows of Orca filled the horizon. Matriarchs Queen, Noosa and Alki were travelling together along with their families as they mingled in the calm conditions. Suddenly, they all began to surge and it was exhilarating to be with the last Orca surge for season 2020. Orca everywhere you turned, the three families surged together as they raced at an evenly matched pace.

Stormy and her mum Flapper came towards us and began to bow ride as Queen led the way, little Grace seemed excited to be amongst everyone as she travelled alongside her mum Dot and bigger brother Nani. Urkel and Noosa guarded the rear as they would all lift themselves beautifully above the oceans surface. White waters began to surge towards us and the Orca came to an abrupt halt as 60+ Pilot Whales porpoised completely out of the water and towards the Orca. It almost appeared to be slight dominance as the Pilot Whales continued to surge towards the Orca until they began to move back to The Patch. A special day to complete a very special season and we were very grateful to have the time with three of the Bremer Bay family pods we know so well to say goodbye and thank them for creating so many special Orca memories for Season 2020.

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