-34.422698, 115.213246 Augusta Gold

-34.422698, 115.213246 The latitude and longitude where Whale Watch Western Australia found Flinders Bay Gold today as the largest Humpback migration of Humpback Whales in the world is starting to peak.

There is 2 distinct rock formations at this point and not only is it a pivot point for the rounding of Cape Leeuwin it is also where the 2 oceans of the Indian and Southern collide and is known as the most South western point of the Australian continent.

Whales were literally everywhere today as competition pod after competition pod rounded the point and as escort pods, bachelor pods and the inquisitive juvenile out riders all journeyed together on what was an exhaustive day of Western Australian Whale Watching at it’s best. The energy created by the whales allowed for an electric feel amongst Flinders Bay as pod after pod filed through and challengers called out. The primary male escorts anxiously journeyed with their females, ever on the lookout for any potential problem males close by and it wasn’t long before these bachelor boys found them! Surging and rumbling through the bay we watched on as throughout both our morning and afternoon experiences competition pods overtook the bay.

A large female this morning performed superb surface activity with tail slapping, tail lobs and loud pec slapping only meters from the boat as the males excitedly followed her. She was beautiful and we watched the boys desperately file in behind and next to this female trying to prevent the others from getting too close. She continued to draw them in closer and closer to us as we were in awe of the power and sound we could hear from her powerful body landing with a spectacular splash. The afternoon also sighted escort pods cruising alongside closely before yet another competition pod got underway and -34.422698, 115.213246 was once again the place to be as the whales tail lobbed and breached around us as the excitement grew amongst them.

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