40+ Humpbacks in the Bay!

Wow Weeee! After a few days of wild weather it was fantastic to be back out with our Humpback whales and my  goodness…we lost count! On our morning tour we had a fantastic time watching a pod of four compete against one another, trying to impress the lovely female Humpback with how big and strong they were. We had a wonderful interaction between a juvenile Humpback who was playing with a pod of Dolphins before coming over to say hello, he was just beautiful! Check out the video.


Our afternoon tour was when we lost count of how many Humpbacks were around the boat! One large pod of 10 individuals were competing amongst the reef line with a lot of pushing and physical contact between them as they showed very dominant behaviour towards each other. Further away we could see all around the boat pods of 4-6 individuals throughout the bay and it was VERY exciting to be surrounded by so many Giants!

Just in case we weren’t spoilt enough today with so many lovely Humpbacks around we also had the chance to watch three powerful peduncle lobs and a few pec slaps which are fantastic behaviours to see as whale watchers…looking forward to tomorrow!

ID Log
Date – 10.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21 . 18 Long – 115 . 11 . 72
Notes – Large individual, three peduncle lobs and a few pec slaps