45 Breaches in 45 Minutes

45 Breaches in 45 minutes this morning as our Humpback Whales put together one spectacular display of surface activity! Our morning firstly began with a very mysterious Humpback Whale who was travelling solo through Finders Bay and looking to keep a low profile. A few big exhalations and then he would cover some distance while venturing towards the resting grounds of the bay. Wishing him well we then ventured towards a very relaxed Southern Right Whale mother and calf who were resting in the shallows when it appeared that mum had a bit of an itchy back. She began to twist and turn as she showed off her enormous pectoral fins and fluke with the jet black piercing through the turquoise shallows. Wriggling about and as her calf watched on, she displayed just how Southern Rights make those scratchy spots go away with a good roll on the sand which kicked up all around her and left a plume of silty water. Journeying across the bay we noticed a commotion taking place and watched on as three Humpback Whales were beginning a conversation. Within moments and a few tail lobs, one of the Humpbacks departed leaving the remaining two individuals who launched into 45 breaches in 45 minutes, breaches that lit up the sky! A truly spectacular display to witness this late in the season and may be one of the final Humpback breaching displays we sight before the transition of the migration.

Our afternoon was exciting as the local Bottlenose Dolphins raced on over to say g’day and seemed rather pleased to see us, almost as much as we were to see them! Some special time spent with our resting mother and calf Southern Rights as they enjoyed the sheltered and calm conditions close to the shoreline. Our journey along the nursery grounds did have a surprise waiting for us as a sub-adult Humpback began to swim towards us with interest. Watching carefully to see where he would pop up next, a loud whoosh just on our stern made everyone spin as this curious Humpback approached from behind us and took us all by surprise. The next resurfacing would be interesting and we waited to see if he was continuing to investigate us. A few moments later a dark shadow was spotted underneath our feet by one of our guests on the bow, he was coming back up again! A huge exhale covered everyone in whaley kisses as he seemed happy with his investigative work and continued on with his afternoon. A very special afternoon to have the privilege of sighting three different cetacean species, our Bottlenose Dolphins, Humpback and Southern Right Whales leaving us with memorable moments.

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