A Flukes Story

A flukes story unfolds during each journey we make as Humpback Whales reveal their stories through body language, scars and unique features. Today we had mothers and calves in the resting grounds as some were snoozing while one pod was on the move as she searched for the perfect place to rest and feed her calf. The little one was only tiny and kept close to mother whale as the rhythm of surfacing unfolded with a few big exhales and then dive time. The mother lifted her fluke gracefully each time and was able to show us a fantastic identification image which we were excited to collect for our catalogue. The fluke is just like a fingerprint and is used to identify each Humpback we meet including the young calves. Our records are then checked to see if she is currently in the catalogue, if their is a confirmed ID then we can see a timeline of her life and previous interactions. Should she not be in the catalogue then it is still good news as she will be a new addition and a whale we hope to meet again in the future.

It was a very peaceful morning with all of the pods and good to see them all so relaxed and content. The calves were feeding and resting, catching up on some relax time after an enormous swim to reach this stage of their migration. The females are exhausted after such a big journey and with still such a long way to go it is always remarkable to see just how attentive they are. Always looking out for any signs of danger such as Orca or fast approaching recreational boats heading towards Rottnest Island the females are dedicated, focused and nurturing towards their calves. The little ones thrive on this care and attention as they grow not only in size but also confidence as they learn from their mum what it takes to be a Humpback Whale. A beautiful morning to enjoy a flukes story from these special whales and meet some of the gorgeous new calves of season 2022.

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