A Humpback Whales Journey

A Humpback Whales journey begins from their very first breath as a life of travel, adversity and triumph unfolds for each and every individual. Born and raised in the north of Western Australia the new calves begin life at a steady pace as their mum introduces them to their unique and beautiful world. Each day they continue to learn, grow and develop as their skillset improves continually. Eventually as the water temperature increases they find themselves heading south as for the first time they explore the Western Australian coastline. It is an exciting journey as the little ones explore and rest in many different locations along the coast as they remember these spots for future migrations. December will see almost every single Humpback Whale back in Antarctica and feeding up on krill as they prepare for next years journey. The new calves will seperate from their mums on their first northern migration come autumn time the following year.

The migration is completed every year of their life which can be up to 80 years and as you can imagine the knowledge they gain during this time is phenomenal. Wise and experienced, the older whales have an intimate knowledge of their home which stretches over thousands of kilometres. Today we enjoyed on both our morning and afternoon departure seeing many Humpback Whales on that long journey and during this time of the year it is a southbound rhythm. Every adult fluke that is lifted in a beautiful roundabout dive has already travelled tens of thousands of kilometres and makes you wonder of all the wonderful sights each whale has seen. Males were competitive once again today and it is great to see many bachelor males still on the move south bringing a high energy and enthusiasm to the resting grounds. Soon it will be the Humpback calves taking over the coastline and we are excited to meet the next generation as they begin a Humpback Whales journey and what a privilege it is to meet them all in those initial fluke footprints. 

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