A Little White Whale

A little white whale was sighted today as the beautiful calf showed off his big white belly as he swam alongside mum and many other pods visiting the resting grounds. It was a beautiful day with calm conditions and a salty haze on the horizon as we could see a few pods on the move and our first interaction was with a mother and calf. She was relaxed and had found a perfect spot to rest with her calf as the two stretched out and enjoyed some quiet time together. She noticed an approaching pod so shuffled slightly away as we could see a second mother and calf moving into the area. She was a younger female and had the most beautiful little calf who was almost completely white. 

The little one could be easily seen as he came up to the surface and the light reflected off his body creating a distinctive glow. The two eventually moved out towards Rottnest Island as a second pod began to swim directly towards them with momentum. It was two bachelor males who politely moved past mother and calf as they seemed to know that she wasn’t showing any interest if meeting them today. The boys didn’t seem to mind as they cruised further into the resting grounds and enjoyed some twisting and rolling. At one point one of the males had rolled over and was belly to the sky as he cruised along with his mate. It was a wonderful morning to spend time with many pods and meet a few different age groups as well to see just how much growing is ahead for the new calves. 

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