A Whale Called Michelle

Today was remarkable! Not only did we meet a curious juvenile Humpback  who played and swam circles around us, enormous full bodied breaching and head lunges by a young male Humpback and mother Southern Rights resting with their calves but we had the most incredible experience when a very special whale who we called Michelle came over to meet us and I don’t think anyone onboard will ever be the same again❤

This heavily pregnant female Southern Right Whale approached our vessel and at one point even gently rubbed up against our bow, almost as if she was scratching a hard to reach spot! Incredibly curious she demonstrated exactly what we teach our guests about the Language of the Southern Right Whales and just how friendly they can be which is sadly how they received their name “Right Whale”. We are fortunate now to have these precious whales protected and can enjoy building a special relationship with them over their lifetime and we will never forget this incredible experience and cannot wait to meet this special whales beautiful calf!

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