Airborne Humpback Calves off Fremantle

What happens when you have four mother and calf pods being chased by one cheeky young male Humpback… airborne calves and whales everywhere! This young male was just trying to make a good impression towards the females but as their focus was purely on their calves he went seemingly unnoticed until he gave chase. Two of the calves were not pleased with this new company and tried some airborne breaching to send him on his way, but to no avail so it was left to the mums to pack up their calves and led the young male on a fast chase just off Fremantle.

Seeming slightly confused as each pod went their separate ways the young male took off after one of the mother and calf pods before deciding he may have better luck with the others closer to us. The females kept up a steady pace and it wasn’t long before he changed tactics and decided to follow the fourth mother/calf pod which left us enjoying the company of the two mums who had teamed up together. They followed each other for a while and kept close to us until most of the vessel traffic on the way to Rottnest had moved past. Eventually the coast was clear and they were able to enjoy the rest of their morning resting quietly in separate areas. Our friendly Bottlenose Dolphins were also enjoying a feast this morning of small bait fish but they always seem to make time to come over for a quick hello

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