Albany Killer Whales

Albany Killer Whales surged to the west today as we found ourselves on a high powered surge and if we went any further we would have found ourselves in Albany. Our morning began within moments of arriving in the Patch as Pilot Whales surged past our bow with much energy and we were tempted to follow when Orca were sighted just up ahead. B-Slice and his family happily greeted us and made curious approaches. The pod was divided over two areas with the adults in one pod and the creche hanging out together with a babysitter in the sesond pod. We also spent a short time with El Notcho and his family who were also foraging nearby.

The morning hunt had been successful for the family as the creche enthusiastically shared a meal amongst everyone and due to the type of oil slick on the surface it appeared to be squid that they had captured. Once everyone had fed and regrouped it wasn’t long before the next stage of the day was ready to take place and they all took off to the west. High powered surging was incredible to witness as they surfed the swell and approached our vessel with enthusiasm. Razor and her calf Blade began to bow ride with us and it was mesmerising to watch as their enormous bodies glided right below our feet. A very special and energy filled day in the canyon with much Orca fun.

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