Alter Ego

Today we had the most remarkable encounters as we met Flin Flinders again, the baby Humpback calf and then sighted breaching in the distance but it wasn’t from Humpbacks but a massive male Southern Right Whale! The Southern Right male was acting just like a Humpback with breaching in the middle of the bay and even chasing another Southern Right until he decided we looked rather interesting and came over to say hello.

To see both a baby Humpback in Flinders Bay and a male Southern Right acting just like a Humpback had us very bemused as we watched these interesting events unfold today. Little Flin Flinders is looking very well and had a couple of new scratches on his back, most likely from a bit of close contact with mums barnacles! They seem to be enjoying the protection of the bay and may even stay for a while yet. Meanwhile, our very curious male Southern Right enjoyed checking us out and then decided it was time to refocus his efforts on finding that lovely female Southern Right who had quickly eluded him.