Amazing Hillarys Whale Watch

Amazing Hillarys whale watch experience today as we met an enormous female Humpback and her very confident calf who both launched into a spectacular breaching display! Slowly cruising when we first met them we made sure to match their energy levels on this beautiful day as mother and calf travelled just off the Hillarys whale watch coastline. The calf appeared to be very comfortable as he traveled a few meters ahead of his mum and as she allowed him to position himself in-between herself and us we knew she trusted us. Building this trust with a Humpback Whale mum is a beautiful thing as we understand just how fiercely protective they are of their calves so to allow us to view a glimpse of their busy lives is a privilege that we must never take for granted.

The calf appeared to disappear for a couple of five minute intervals in-between coming to the surface to breath and we had a sure feeling that this little Humpback was having a good feed of mums 48% fat rich milk. Almost to signal the end of feed time and that he was ready to play the young calf launched into an amazing breach as his entire body left the Indian Ocean which left for only one thing to take over, gravity! “Plonk” as he flipped upside down and his rostrum was first to hit the surface again in a hilariously fun breach, but his mum decided to show him just how its done and launched into a picture perfect breach that was simply spectacular. The breaching didn’t stop there as the young calf continued to fly high and land with a beautiful splash into perfect conditions as he refined his style a little bit before throwing in a little chin slap/head lunge for good measure before swimming directly towards us to get a better look. Mum patiently escorted him over and what a special mum she is, her weight loss is extreme and we can clearly see her eye sockets just before she lands after her breach in the photo above showing just how much dedication these females have to their calves.

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