ANZAC Weekend Blue Whales

ANZAC Weekend Blue Whales on a beautiful autumn morning as we cruised past one of our Australian Navy Submarines on our way to meet the Blue Whales in the Perth Canyon. It was a fitting way to begin our weekend as the sleek movement of a fast moving submarine moved down towards Garden Island and we reflected on our heroes both past and present who dedicate their lives to protection our great nation and fighting for our freedoms. A clear blue sky and warm easterly breeze guided us out to the deep waters of the Perth Canyon as the search began for one of the most elusive and magnificent species of cetacean on our planet. A tall, lofty blow escaped skywards followed by the sleek, mottled grey body of an enormous Blue Whale who slipped back into the depths.

Watching carefully and waiting we monitored the area for a second surfacing and a while later another explosion of air erupted in the sunshine. Moving at a steady pace we could see that this large adult was enjoying his day and continued to keep a consistent travel pace and downtime throughout our day with him. Relaxed and not racing through the Perth Canyon meant this Blue Whale had the ability to keep a steady downtime but each surfing would then result in powerful exhalations before a beautiful round out dive. The ocean would turn a vibrant turquoise every time he surfaced and the graceful movement of the worlds largest creature is always a privilege to observe. A beautiful day with this special Blue and our local Bottlenose Dolphins were also enjoying the perfect afternoon as on our journey back towards Fremantle we spent some time with them as their boisterous and playful energy unfolded in the waters off Rottnest Island.

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