April Orca Tours

April Orca Tours are currently departing from Bremer Bay as we celebrate Easter this weekend and enjoy time with family and friends including of course our Orca family! A slight winter feel moved through today as a cooler breeze and showers of rain escorted us out to the sighting grounds and soon after arriving in The Patch dorsal fins broke the waters surface. It was exciting to observe Matilda and her family having a successful morning of feeding as multiple squid slicks appeared throughout the morning. The change of season will affect prey availability and every day fishing will be different for the Orca families which provides a perfect opportunity of learning.

The matriarch of each family pod will ensure that she passes on her lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. Everyday the pod members will be growing their hunting tactics and foraging ability as the matriarchs lead the way and teach by example. Giovani was in a hurry to return back to his family as he surged alongside us before regrouping, the squid activity in the area is encouraging to see and without as many Sperm Whales around the Orca were taking full advantage of the opportunities. Healthy, happy Orca are always a joy to spend time with and today was another wonderful April Orca tours experience as we observed three active family pods.

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