Augusta Harbour Whale Watching

Augusta Harbour Whale Watching was enjoyed within moments of departure today as leaving the harbour two big Humpback Whales could be sighted swimming straight towards our vessel. A beautiful morning to enjoy some time with two leisurely Humpbacks who were cruising through the shallows and taking in an early morning stroll on their migration journey. Flinders Bay is a special place to observe the whales as they arrive in the sheltered waters to relax after an enormous swim up from Antarctica and they often take time to explore one of their favourite resting grounds of the northern migration. Hugging the coastline within metres it was fascinating to watch as both whales moved in close to check out the Augusta Harbour and displayed their exceptional navigational skills as they swam comfortably through the shallows and out towards the reef line.

Further pods moved through the bay and we could see many escort pods, females with their male companions escorting them up the coastline. The males role when swimming with the females in these escort pods is to keep a wary eye on any possible bachelor males close by and avoid swimming towards them. The trouble is when the females decide that the boys around them are worthwhile attracting the attention of and begin to flirt… much to the dismay of their current male escort! Today we had a very flirty female who began to breaching and pec slapping which attracted our attention towards the area and on arrival we could see we were not the only ones. A second male had arrived on scene and now both males flexed their muscles and jostled for position closest to the female in the deep blue. Augusta Harbour whale watching was unique today as we enjoyed spending time with the Humpbacks in the shallows and at the depths of the cape on a beautiful winters morning as the harbour was also busy with some surface active humans flying past!

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